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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Fri Apr 28th, 2017 @ 12:48am by Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Lihni Kir

Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Location: USS Arcadia, Beta Antares Ship Yards
Timeline: 1 Day before MD-01


The last of the new arrivals had landed via shuttlecraft, the Arcadia's final influx of crew and supplies before they were due to head out on assignment. Kevan's supervision was unnecessary, but the events of the last few days had him more cautious than before. An attempt on the Captain's life - as well as on Korra - had his entire staff on high alert. This last batch would be the final opportunity for anyone sneaking on board to slip through, so he wanted personal attention.

The group filed through the customs inspection his team had formed, but a flash of gold uniform with a Lieutenant's insignia caught his eye. As well as the familiar spots that neatly bracketed her face. He moved out of his place watching the group and approached.

"You must be the new Chief Engineer," he greeted her. "I'm Lieutenant Dash, the Chief of Security. Welcome aboard."

Lihni lit up as soon as she saw another Trill. And he was talking to her. She hadn't actually seen another Trill since her joining.

"Hi. Who are you? Oh, and yeah, that's me." She skipped more than stepped the space between them, and stuck out her hand.

She was enthusiastic, at least. Kevan wondered if he'd had the same zip and verve when he'd joined the crew.

"Lihni Kir, isn't it?" he commented, taking her hand and giving it a formal shake. "You can call me Kevan. Not often you see another Trill out in the fleet."

"It's true, we are a bit of a rare breed out here." She was now glancing all around, taking in all the sights that she could.

"So, Kevan. How much work do I need to do, are you single, and where are my quarters?" She paused, replayed what she had said and added with almost no embarrassment, "I'm not asking if you are single for my benefit, just curious." The one question she was dying to ask, but was one that even her rapid fire brain would not allow was, Are you joined? It was a bit of a sore subject if one wasn't and wanted to be.

He blinked, processing all of the questions. None of them had particularly simple answers. "It's...complicated." He motioned for her to follow him away from the shuttlebay and into a corridor where there were fewer people around. "In terms of workload, the Arcadia is an Elysium-class starship. Practically a mobile starbase, given her size. So for her Chief Engineer, there's plenty to do." Satisfied they were beyond earshot of virtually anyone else, he paused and looked at her. "As regards the other questions...I prefer at least a drink before we become that good friends."

Lihni laughed at that. She was used to her inquisitiveness being problematic for some.

"That make sense. Maybe a drink is in order then. But after I get settled. Where are my quarters? I'd like to get unpacked before having to report in if possible."

"Officers' quarters are on Deck 27. You should be able to find them from the turbolift." Kevan motioned down the corridor towards the nearest one. "As regards your earlier I'm not joined, if that's what you meant." He kept his poker face on when he spoke. There were a few things beneath the surface that he probably wouldn't have spoken about to a new acquaintance. Yet she wasn't an outsider; she would understand, having been like himself once.

"Deck 27. I'll head there now. Thanks so much Lieutenant. You have been extremely helpful."

"Any time, Lieutenant. And I imagine there will be time for that drink once you've settled in."


Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

Lieutenant Lihni Kir
Chief Engineer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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