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Posted on Fri May 26th, 2017 @ 12:23am by Captain Korra Ymir & Lieutenant Kevan Dash
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Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Hanger Bay, USS Arcadia
Timeline: 1208 Hours, MD 1 (March 3, 2393)


Korra beamed as her fingers brushed over the two winged skulls that had been freshly etched just under her starfighter's canopy. She and her squadrons had practiced in countless simulations before, but the engagement with the Klingons this morning, that was the real deal, and in her very first combat operation she scored two kills - TWO! - which was definitely something to brag about, considering how rare it had been for anyone to score a combat kill - much less two - ever since the Dominion War ended more than a decade ago. Sure, it turned out those Klingon fighters were AI controlled, making them technically drones, but that was some sophisticated AI the Klingons got, nothing like she had ever encountered in any training exercises. She hated AIs, of course, but that only made the victory even sweeter. Korra 2. AI 0.

"You know, I'm not sure I've ever seen you that happy," Kevan remarked with a grin, leaning against the fuselage of the fighter and watching her. Thankfully he had had time to change uniform since returning from taking the Klingon ship, so the lingering smell of sweaty Klingon was no longer present. "I must have been doing something wrong all this time."

Climbing down from the access ladder, the Marine pilot smirked, "I'm a simple person with simple tastes, Lieutenant. Throw me a few starfighters to shoot, I'll be happy like a Tankorian squirrel in the summer."

"Just so long as you're careful about it." Kevan indicated the fresh markings on her starfighter's hull. "I'd hate for you to end up as one of those on someone else's fuselage."

Korra sneered teasingly at the remark. "You are the one to talk. From what I heard, the Klingons got a drop on you pretty easily this morning." Stepping closer to him, she smirked. "Maybe next time I should come along and protect you."

"The trouble with that idea is that with you in front of me, I'd have trouble concentrating on the bad guys," he grinned, putting an arm around her waist. He lowered his voice a little. "Got any plans for later?"

"Oh, so I'm distracting now? Well, that's good to know." the Marine smiled slyly as she reciprocated and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm having an early dinner with Oli . . . Captain Lee later. I think the counselor ticked him off or something. But after that, no. You?"

"I'm free now we're done with the Themyscira debriefing. I was thinking that there's another bottle of Kesatian Ale in my quarters. You seemed to enjoy the last one quite a lot. Maybe we should make sure it tastes just as good." He gave her a wink.

Korra raised a small eyebrow. "I just scored my first two combat kills. Do you know how many people get any combat kills during peace time? I think I deserve more than just Kesatian Ale."

"Oh?" Kevan's eyebrow mirrored hers. "I'm sure you've got something in mind. Since you're having dinner with the Captain, I'm open to suggestions." He paused, his face becoming serious. "Please don't invite me to dinner with the Captain..."

Korra smirked. "Are you jealous, Lieutenant?"

"I'd be jealous of anyone getting to have dinner with you, Captain Celery," he replied. "Actually I figured it might be a little awkward...he probably knows we're...y'know. Together."

The Marine snickered at the suggestion. "Of course, he does. We are best friends; we tell each other everything. But if it makes you feel less awkward, I can tell him I dumped you." she said teasingly as she traced her fingers along the spots running from his left temple down the side of his neck.

Her touch tickled a little, but it felt good. "No." His eyes crept up to the hull of her starfighter. "I was watching you, earlier. When your squadron was launched. It made me realise I don't think I could stand to lose you if anything bad happened., I don't think you should tell him that." He felt awkward again. The feelings he was trying to express didn't normally come out this way. Figuring he was creating a melodrama, he cleared his throat and planted a quick kiss on her lips. "I'm at your disposal after dinner. For whatever you can dream of."

The smile on Korra's lips faded momentarily as Kevan spoke. She had no idea that he was worried about her this morning. The thought never even crossed her mind. And what he said about couldn't stand to lose her . . . Was this something more than she had imagined?

Then there was the unexpected kiss. The grin returned. "Nah, you worry too much. No one is ever gonna shoot down my baby and me." Said the Korra as she patted the fuselage of her starfighter. "No one is that good. You Mr., on the other hand, I'm worried that next time even a Ferengi will get a jump on you. So what you say we get some exercise going? I have this great hiking program on the holodeck that we can use." After a brief pause, she added, "Actually it's the Captain's, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind us borrow it."

"All right. I'll still bring the ale. Maybe we can camp out after the hike," Kevan nodded. He internally tried to play-down his own feelings; He definitely wasn't used to sharing them and it felt weird to let them out.

"It's almost like you can read my mind." the Marine smiled. "Almost."

"I wish..." Kevan muttered with a grin.

Korra didn't wait for him to finish. "You talk too much." she said before pulling him closer and stifling any protestation with a long and passionate kiss.

Nami walked into the Arcadia's enormous hangar bay and immediately started looking for the woman she had come to see, a woman she hadn't seen in nearly 28 years, a woman who had not only saved her from a life of misery and pain, but also taught her the meaning of strength and fortitude. She would not have been who she was now if not for Korra Ymir.

There were surprisingly few people in the hangar bay aside from some technicians and maintenance crew, so it didn't take long for her to find Korra next to her starfighter. But the Marine wasn't alone; she was with Dash, and the two of them . . . . . . no, it wasn't supposed to be like this.

Nami frowned as she watched the Marine and the security chief from a distance. Korra was supposed to be with Oliver. They were supposed to be together. They deserved each other.


Captain Korra Ymir
Squadron Leader, VMFA-32
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Oliver)
Captain Nami Ishikawa
Commanding Officer
USS Themyscira NCC-89472
(NPC - Oliver)
Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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