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The Klingons Are Revolting! - Part 2 "Brawl"

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 2:46am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Ensign Navaar & Jesse & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & 1st Lieutenant Sean Riley & Corporal George Charles
Edited on on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 2:47am

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia, Silent Triangle
Timeline: 0944 Hours, MD 2 (March 4, 2393)

[Previously in The Klingons Are Revolting! - Part 1 "Lockdown"]

. . . . . .

Oliver was going over the requisition request for the mobile Academy he had just received from Admiral Farley when alarm sounded on the spacious bridge. Setting the PADD down on the desk, he made his way to the doors of his ready room, and as soon as he stepped onto the bridge, he said, "Report."

"There's a breakout in the brig on Deck 43, Captain. It's the Klingons." Answered Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun, the Arcadia's second officer, who had taken the comm as both Oliver and I'lien worked from their offices. As the Betazoid officer vacated the captain's chair and took her seat to its left, she continued, "Lieutenant Dash has initiated lock down protocols in the brig's vicinity."

Oliver frowned slightly. Unless the situation escalated, he would let the security chief deal with it as per the protocols. But he would not take any chances with the Klingons, especially not when there were so many civilians on board. He need to put the entire ship on lock down until the situation was resolved.

Taking his seat, he said, "Yellow alert. Ship-wide lock down protocol Alpha-4."

. . . . . .


::Outside of Secondary Brig, Deck 43::

Charles and his unit commander, Lieutenant Riley, were walking down the corridor, past the Brig, talking about the longest shots each had made to date. "I'm serious, Sir. You can check with the range cadre yourself. I made that shot without using my scope."

"It was definitely a good shot. " Sean agreed. He was about to start talking about another shot he'd made in his youth when a klaxon alarm went off.

George immediately tensed at the sound of the alarm klaxon. He then looked to his commanding officer for orders.

Riley pulled out his small hand phaser and took up a position by the door, signalling the other Marine to do the same.

George was about to follow suit, when suddenly, the doors opened, and two individuals stumbled out unto the corridor directly in front of him. One was Dash. The other was a female Klingon, who had apparently just been shot. As Dash ordered the brig doors sealed, George noticed that the blood coming out of the woman's mouth was not fusia-colored, as it should have been. Instead, it was green, which left one of two options. The woman was either a Vulcan or a Romulan, surgically altered to look Klingon.

Snapping out of his brief trance, George took up a position on the other side of the brig doors. He again looked at Sean. "Sir! What the hell's going on?! She clearly is not Klingon!"

"At ease, Corporal. We can worry about that later. Right now I want you on that door. Phaser on heavy stun." said Sean.

Kevan looked up at the two marines. He was still mildly disoriented but had enough adrenaline running through him to force the unconscious woman out of his lap, and then rise to his feet. "Lieutenant Riley," he acknowledged the more senior of the two. "We're about to have a serious situation. Three Klingons have busted-out of their cell, and are probably releasing the others as we speak. That lockdown might hold for a minute but I can't see it lasting forever." He looked around the corridor for something to arm himself with. Due to the nature of the brig section, a lot of the anti-riot gear and weapons were stored further away from the holding cells. It went without saying that storing phasers near where your prisoners might break out would have been a design flaw. "Are you both armed?"

George acknowledged Sean's orders wordlessly, pulling his personally issued Type I phaser from its hidden holster on his belt. He would have preferred using his TP-45 instead, however, it was currently locked up in the armory. The only reason it would be used aboard a ship, would be if the Borg had boarded them.

He nodded to Dash, thinking that the security chief must be in shock, asking if they were armed. Clearly, he didn't remember that the Marines were always armed.

Sean looked at the situation. This was a situation that he was uniquely qualified to deal with. He had been raised with Klingons. He knew their language, and their attitudes.

"Lieutenant. I can go in and try to calm things down. " he told Dash.

"Calm things down?" Kevan echoed. "You want to walk into a room with 18 mad, imprisoned Klingons who are a spoiling for a fight and...'calm them down'?" He shook his head. "If anyone opens that door you shoot them, understand?"

"Sir, I spent most of my childhood in the Klingon Empire. I speak their language, and I can handle them. " said Sean.

Kevan eyed him up and down. The marine was either supremely confident or cockier than Kevan would ever dare to be - which was saying something. "Buy us some time. Whatever we can get until backup arrives."

George watched the two officers speak to one another. Suddenly, there was a barrage of heavy thuds on the inside of the locked brig doors. "Um, sirs, with respect, someone better do something!"

Sean nodded and walked to the intercom next to the door. He pressed the button.

"nuq Davang 'e' yImev. pejatlh ra'wI'ra'!" he barked into it.

::Inside the Brig::

Korax stomped on the half conscious Be'rel, his first officer, one more time for good measure before glancing menacingly at the other dozen Klingons on the room.

"Are there any other fools who wish to challenge me?"

Not a word was raised by what remained of his crew, and the aged Klingon warrior let out a primal roar of triumph that echoed through out the brig.

When the intercoms came alive and someone barked out in surprisingly authentic Klingon, Korax took his foot off Be'rel and walked over to the intercom.

With a contemptuous snicker, he said, "Your Klingon is passable, human. And for that I'll spare your life if you surrender yourself and your ship to the Klingon Empire."

Sean grinned at the Klingon's audacity. "SoH lan Human neH mol qoH. hereby qaqaD!" (This human will put you in your grave, fool. I hereby challenge you! )

Korax let out a low growl and turned to one of his crew who stood by the control console. "lojmlt ylpoSmoH!" (Open the door!)

At that command, the doors slid open.

George braced himself for an attack as the doors slid open.

As Sean stepped inside the brig and the doors locked behind him, Korax signaled the rest of the dozen Klingons to step back so that there would enough room for a proper duel.

"I accept your challenge, human." Korax growled and readied himself for hand-to-hand combat. He would have preferred his trusty bat'leth, but all his personal weapons had been either confiscated or left on the now destroyed K'Vort, so he would just have to content himself with breaking the human with his bare hands.

"Today is a good day for you to die, Qa'Hom." Shouted the aged Klingon warrior as he plunged at his challenger.

Riley stepped backwards a half step, going into Combatives Form Delta, and steadied to meet his opponent. When Korax was half a step away, Riley ducked the palm hand the Klingon threw his way and grabbed his wrist, then stepped into the move, bringing his opposing hand over Korax' shoulder and around the back of his neck. He pulled Korax closer, bringing up his knee into the stomach of the older Klingon, knocking the wind out of him. Then, using both hands, threw Korax against the wall.

"wej DughoS HeghwIj Hergh, wa' ngo'" Riley spat. (My death will not come so easily to you, Old One.)

Korax groaned as the Marine rammed his knee into his abdomen and flung him against the wall. Steadying himself, the Klingon flashed a toothy grin. "You know your Mok'bara well, human. Perhaps you are a worthy opponent. Perhaps."

At the last word, Korax dashed toward the Marine, but this time his movement was far more deliberate. He feigned a palm strike with his right hand, but as the human began to duck, he switched his stance in mid strike and at a speed far more swift than his age would have suggested. Grabbing the Marine by his upper right arm, the Klingon lifted his opponent off the ground before flung him into the duty officer's desk.

::Meanwhile, Outside the Big::

Followed by a team of security officers, Ensign Navaar made her way to where her boss was standing. She recognized the Marine next to him and winked at her roommate's crush before turning to the security chief.

"Lieutenant Dash, we are ready whenever you are."

George nodded slightly to the new arrivals. Though he saw the wink, he didn't respond to it. All his thoughts were of getting into the brig to aid his CO.

"Ensign," Kevan eyed the squad with her. He wasn't sure it would be enough but it would have to do. "Right now there are at least a dozen Klingons behind this door, along with Lieutenant Riley, who decided in his wisdom to challenge the Klingon captain to a fight - probably to the death. If you're ready, I want this door open right now."

"Yes, sir." Answered Navaar. The Orion security officer signaled her team to assume their respective positions for the assault before proceeding to the control panel next to the brig's entrance. She entered her security authorization code to unlock the reinforced doors, but nothing happened. She tried again, but still nothing.

"Jesse, why can't I open the doors."

The ship's AI materialized in her holographic form and said, "The Klingons appear to have isolated the brig from the rest of my system, and the algorithm they used is unlike any in my database. Attempting override now."

A few moments passed, and the doors remained shut.

"Override unsuccessful." Reported the AI. "I'm afraid the doors can only be opened from the inside, Ensign."

Navaar frowned and turned to Kevan. "Your orders, sir?"

"Blast it, I won't be kept out of my own brig!" Kevan snapped. "Surely we can breach this thing with some kind of explosives?"

::Inside the Brig::

Korax breathed heavily as he struggled to stand up, his vision starting to blur. It would seem that he had underestimated his challenger, and the human was not quite the weakling he had thought. But it didn't matter. He was a Klingon and a warrior; his honor demanded that only one of them was coming out of this standing.

"For the Empire!" Roared the aged Klingon warrior as he threw himself at his opponent.

Despite the the raging Klingon hurtling toward him and the pains coursing through his body, Riley kept his composure. Maintaining a defensive posture, the Marine waited for Korax to get within two steps of him and gracefully dodged the Klingon's left hook. Before Korax could retract his arm and launch another strike, Riley grabbed the arm and used the Klingon's own forward momentum to pull him off his balance. Once Korax stumbled forward, the Marine finished the duel with swift upper kick to the back of his opponent's head.

As Korax lie on the deck motionless, the other dozen Klingons glanced at each other, and for a brief moment it's almost as if they were at a loss as to what to do now that the human had defeated Korax and won the challenge. By tradition, that should have been the end of it and the challenger would have been honored for his valor, but he was a human and by decree of the High Council no humans or their allies were unworthy of even the most insignificant of honors.

Growling, three Klingons stepped forward and surrounded the Marine. "Time to die." One of them grunted.

His victory should have ended the whole business, but it did not, and Riley had too much good sense to allow himself to be overwhelmed by those honorless Klingons. Again assuming a defensive posture, the Marine quietly surveyed his surroundings. He quickly set his eyes on the Type II phaser one of the Klingons had stuck to his belt and then the doors' control panel several feet to his right. Hopefully he had bought enough time for Dash to get a strike team ready outside the brig. Hopefully.

::Outside the Brig::

Navaar shrugged. "Well, we can always blow the damned thing open with some trilithium charges."

George blurted a reply. "I know how to set them, Sir!"

Just then the doors to the brig slid open, revealing a scene of utter chaos inside.

George looked inside the now accessible brig. He saw one Klingon on the deck and three others advancing towards Sean. Without hesitation, he rushed inside and took up a fighting position to the left of his superior officer. He locked eyes with the advancing Klingon closest to him. He waited, poised to strike, for the order from Riley.

"Suppressive fire!" Kevan barked at his security detail, maneuvering himself through the doorway but leaving them a line of sight. "Cover the marines best you can, but no Klingon gets out of this room."

"Yes, sir." Navaar acknowledged the order with a nod and signaled her team to move into their positions just as they had trained countless times. The first volley of fire took down the two Klingons standing closest to the doors, but several others further inside had already taken up defensive positions behind computer consoles and flipped-over desks, returning fire with the phasers they had obtained from the small weapons locker inside.

Shenara of the House of Vorgah was rather dismayed when the rest of her crew decided to gang up on the lone human after he had bested Korax in a fair duel, all in disregard for time-honored tradition. But again, respect for tradition had been slipping throughout the Empire for quite some time. It was, therefore, hardly surprising, but that didn't mean she had to partake in the others' dishonorable conduct, so she remained where she was until the human managed to unlock the doors, allowing his shipmates to rush in to his aide and evening out the odds. Now, this was a fight for an honorable and worthy Klingon warrior.

As Shenara approached the Marine corporal, she gave the young man the respect that was due to a warrior who was willing to stand his ground and fight. "May Kahless favor the more worthy, human." With that she lunged at the man.

George locked eyes on the approaching warrior. Readying himself for the fight, a dangerous grin slowly spread across his face. "Let's dance," he replied. This was going to be fun.

Shenara didn't understand the man's desire to dance in the middle of combat. If it was a human expression, it's one that she had never heard of in her years of service aboard the K'Vort hunting down Federation rebels. But it didn't matter. Today was a good day to day. For one of them. At that thought, she lunged at the Marine with a palm strike.

George saw the attack coming. Bracing his feet, he caught the extended palm a split second before she made contact. As he caught her, he quickly used her own momentum against her, spinning away and pulling her forward. As he pulled the Klingon past him, George dropped his right elbow down into the base of her skull, where the skeletal muscles were weakest. While not a killing blow, it had enough force behind it to daze the warrior, possibly even knock her out.

Shenara stumbled backwards. Though dazed, the Klingon was not out of the fight. Her head still spinning from the impact of the blow, she finally managed to steady herself, if only barely. The human was definitely a worthy opponent, and she respected that. Once she had a bearing of her surroundings, she lunged at him again. This time she feigned a right hook aimed at his face, and just as the Marine motioned to block her fist, she struck his side with her left knee. The strike would have been a lot more powerful if she had not been dazed just now, but it hurt nonetheless.

As soon as the feint happened, George knew that he had been duped. His reward was a firm knee to his right ribs. While he didn't feel anything break, he was certain that at least one or two of them were cracked. He stumbled away a few steps, to try and breath through the painful stich that was now burning his side. This Klingon was definitely well trained. He'd have to go all out, if he was going to be the one to walk away from this.

Working his side a bit more as he and his opponent circled one another, George finally felt ready to try and finish this. Dropping back into a kickboxer's ready stance, he bounced slightly on the balls of his feet, his fist clenched and raised before him. As he focused on the Klingon, the rest of the world seemed to fade away, until just the two of them were left. "Let's finish this," he growled menacingly.

Shenara snarled in reply. This human had much more fire in his stomach than she had initially given him credit for. If it were another time, she might have considered mating with him. However, that was not this time. This time, she would kill him, then help her shipmates kill the rest of the Starfleet scum on this ship, take the ship, and return to the Homeworld as heroes.

Letting loose a war cry to chill the human's bones, Shenara rushed forward for the kill, her hands extended like claws as she quickly closed the distance between them both. What happened next, would cause her to reevaluate her thoughts about Starfleet training.

As she was about to strike, George put all of his strength into a single spinning roundhouse kick. Spining on the ball of his left foot, he swung clockwise, bringing his right leg up as he did so. He heard a satisfying crunch, as his right heel connected with the Klingon's right cheekbone. She instantly collapsed, either dead or unconscious, he wasn't sure. He didn't waste time to check. Spinning back towards the inside of the brig, he looked for another opponent.

Kevan wrestled with the nearest Klingon that had made an attempt to break through the line of security officers that were now providing cover fire. Phaser fire rang-out, the high-pitched whine of repeated discharges ringing in his ears as the burly Klingon landed on top of him and struck a neat blow to Kevan's shoulder. Wincing in pain he kicked-out with his feet while shoving a finger in his opponent's eye. Fighting dirty had been something he'd learned the first week tending a dive bar. When a brawl broke out, you didn't always have the luxury of a weapon or superior strength. He remembered Laura showing him one or two tricks to survive.

The Klingon on top of him howled, giving Kevan the opportunity to get an elbow up into his jaw. He wasn't sure who was worse off from the strike as it hurt a lot, but the big alien reeled again and Kevan managed to shove him upwards into the line of fire and a phaser blast from Navaar did the rest.

Scrambling to his feet and nursing the shoulder, Kevan could see that the uprising was almost put-down and another security detail had just arrived through the doors, in full combat gear and compression rifles handy. This wouldn't last much longer. He slapped his commbage, regretting it instantly as pain slid down his arm.

"Bridge, this is Lieutenant Dash. I think we've just about got things under control down here." He looked down at the fallen Klingon female who had been bleeding green blood instead of purple. "I think it would be a good idea to get some medical teams here, and..." He paused, staring at the prone form and recalling her words. "I think I need to speak to the Captain."


Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Captain Korax
Commanding Officer
IKS K'Vort
(NPC - Oliver)
Ensign Navaar
Security Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Oliver)
Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Corporal George Charles
Marine Sniper, 4th Platoon
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Jackson)
1st Lieutenant Sean Riley
4th Platoon Commander
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Artificial Intelligence
USS Arcadia- NCC-89015
(NPC - Oliver)
Sergeant Shenara
Tactical Officer
IKS K'Vort
(NPC - Oliver)


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