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What We Leave Behind - Part 1 of 2 "Revelation"

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 9:13pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD
Edited on on Mon Sep 28th, 2015 @ 12:02am

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Science Suite, USS Bunker Hill


Oliver walked into the Science Department office suite and greeted everyone by their first names. He had really gotten to know some of the scientists. Absolutely wonderful people when they weren't talking about molecular biology or other boring science stuff. But Amira here was different. She was a linguist, and he had always had an interest in linguistics. True, his interest was more in the dead tongues, but still it was always fun to talk to someone who was passionate about languages. Besides, Amira was cute and even adorable. If she had not been a little too on the naive side, he would be jealous of Korra right now.

He halted at threshold of the new CSO's office. Knocking on the open door, he said with a smile, "Lieutenant Amman, have a minute?"

"Come in" Hsina replied looking over her shoulder. She was barely a third of the way through unpacking, currently arranging her many ancient books. The Spartan style greek bronze armor was already on its display stand, though the armor wasn't ancient at all. It was, strangely, proportioned for a woman and had obviously been battered, dented and scored in combat. On the rack with it was a bronze shortsword with a large chip our of the blade and still stained with some dried blood, Hsina's own, from a dig over 100-years-ago on a Preserver planet.

"Quite a collection you have here." Said Oliver as he stepped inside the office. Pointing to the armor on the stand, he asked, "Is that Corinthian or Chalcidian?"

"Neither" Hsina replied. I forged it myself, before a mission on a Preserver seed world. Some Federation administrator" Hsina's disgust at the individual in question was obvious "crashed there and was a guest of the Spartan civilization there. Starfleet asked me to join the rescue mission and help recover their man without violating the prime directive.

Stepping closer to the armor, he examined it in more details. "I hope it went well."

"Yeah, we got him, at quite a cost."


"Oh no, no losses on our team, but in total six Spartans died, including their arena champion."

"Hmm, that doesn't sound good."

"Spartan law. The administrator was to be executed, unless someone would champion him. I got elected, and wound up with that sword" pointing at the shortsword on the rack "through my thigh for the trouble."

Oliver turned her eyes back to the scientist. "Really? That's very impressive."

"Well who ever said academia was boring? Anyway, you must be Lieutenant Lee."

With a big smile Oliver said, "Guilty as charged. And sorry I didn't get to stop by and say hi earlier. Since our good captain allowed us to return personnel assignment to normal, I have been busy coordinating the new duty rosters." Pausing briefly, he added, "So, I assumed you have met Commander Enright?"

"Yeah, I did. He seemed rather, dismissive, made some crack about my academic background."

Oliver chuckled. "That's our captain for you. He did exactly the same thing when we first met. He just kept addressing me as 'Doctor' instead of 'Lieutenant.' Quite irritating I must say." Glancing over the books Hsina was arrange, he said, "I see you are one of those who still read paperbacks."

"He can call me Doctor if he wants, doesn't matter to me."

She looked at the books "Paperbacks, hardbacks, scrolls, stone tablets. You name it."

Oliver nodded. "Agreed. Old books can be quite charming. I myself am a proud owner of several of them, including the 500th Anniversary addition of Gibbon's Decline and Fall, although clearly I'm not quite the collector that you are. I can't imagine how much space it'd take if I transferred all my books onto paper. Maybe that's why they were phased out, not enough space."

"Those are just the special ones" Hsina replied, then scanned the shelf and pulled one title, "Our Preserver Connection: The Sumerian Map" by Hsina Amman, Ph.D" and handed it to the XO. "I started it as my doctoral dissertation, but the project just took on a life of its own." Hsina didn't mention the publication date that was over 110-years-ago.

Oliver flipped through the book, stopping on several passages for a more careful read. The subject matter was outside of his field, but as a scholar himself he fully appreciated the amount of dedication that was needed to produce a volume like this.

As he reached the last page, he noticed the USBN that identified each and every book that was ever published. This particular number was in a format that had been discontinued more than fifty years ago.

Curiously he asked, "When was this first published?"

"The Preserver script decryption in 2270, the rest of the volume in 2274."

"Wait, this can't be. That would mean . . ."

"Yeah, I had a 96-year nap a few years back. I was assigned to the USS Curiosity investigating Preserver artifacts. Romulans decided they wanted one that we had recovered. Spent the next near century adrift in stasis."

Hsina stood up and walked around the desk. "We were found by a civilian salvage crew just over 2-years-ago. Starfleet offered me a direct commission and I accepted. Last ship was the Discovery, started as assistant science officer then moved up to chief of security. Now I'm here."

Oliver nodded as he was positively intrigued by the revelation. "Huh, I guess they left out more than a few details in your personnel file." And he was eager to learn more. "Listen, would you like to grab a drink after work? I'd love to hear more of your story. It must be fascinating."

"Only if your buying the real stuff, none of that synth nonsense. Like what idiot ever thought up fake booze anyway?"

Oliver grinned. "Understood."

This would be fun, he thought to himself.


Lieutenant Oliver A. Lee
Executive Officer
USS Bunker Hill


Lieutenant (JG) Hsina Amman
Chief Science Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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