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Devil Dogs Meeting

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 9:19pm by Captain Jackson Werner & Captain Korra Ymir

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: MCO's Office, USS Arcadia
Timeline: MD 1 / 0943 hours (3 March 2393)

Note: This is a very belated JP. It takes place on Mission Day 1 of Episodes 4. Sorry for the delay. It's entirely my fault. - Roger


Jackson was currently sitting in his office. Well, it still looked like it belonged to the former tenant. However, he would soon make it his, after he got everything else associated with his hasty move here straightened out. For now, he was about to meet with two of his senior Marine officers aboard the ship.

Sean walked to the Company Commander's office and rang the door chime. The CO had just come aboard, and Riley had been in temporary command for the few days since the previous CO had left.

Korra rushed into the Marine barracks still wearing her flight jacket sans the head gears. The drill had taken much longer than she had anticipated, but she didn't want to be late to her first official meeting with the new Marine CO, so opted not to take the extra few minutes to get changed. As she turned the corner, the pilot found 1st Lieutenant Riley of the 4th Platoon waiting outside of the office.

"Lieutenant." she nodded at the other Marine and waited by the door with him.

"Ma'am. " he returned.

Inside the small office, Jackson heard the door chime. "Enter!" Hid reply was nearly a bark, it was so quick and harsh.

Korra stepped through the opening door, followed closely behind by Sean.

"Captain Werner," she greeted the the commander of the Arcadia's Marine detachment. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"Captain Korra," Jackson replied in kind. His eyes then tracked to port and locked on Sean.

Sean waited for the two Captains to finish speaking.

"Lieutenant Riley, sir. Platoon leader. " he said.

Jackson reached out with his right hand, first to Korra, then to Sean, shaking their hands. Then he offered them the two empty chairs set in front of the desk. "Now, I'm sure you two are curious as to why the former MCO is gone and I'm suddenly here. All I can I say is that the brass made the decision and here I am. It'll take me a few days to get my bearings here, so, I've called you to here to get a better lay of the land. What are we doing? Where are we going? That kind of thing."

Sean sat. "Well, sir, I'm just getting here myself, so the Captain would be better suited to answer that. " he said.

Jackson nodded once, then turned his attention to Korra. "Captain? You've been here longer. I would appreciate any intel you could give me on the ship and crew."

Korra crossed her legs and nestled herself into a more comfortable position in her chair.

"The Arcadia is . . . big, for a lack of a better word - I'm sure you have noticed that when you came aboard, Captain - and that means we have all the training facilities you would expect to find on a small starbase, which I'm sure you will appreciate. And pretty much everything on the ship is state-of-the-art. They really went all in with the design: the holographic interface, the point defense systems, and even the AI. Speaking of the AI, the captain decided to call it Jessie, but if you ask me, computer programs, no matter how advanced, shouldn't have personal names. But I can learn to live with Jessie, as long as she doesn't go anywhere near my starfighters.

"As for the crew, many were transferred from the Bunker Hill with Captain Lee, including half of your platoons, and some of them served with the captain for years on his last command, so they are pretty tight. And the captain himself, he's more relaxed than most of the COs I have served under, but without question one of the best, too. His tactics can be . . . unorthodox, but they have always been effective.

"As a matter of fact, two weeks ago, Admiral Sandel decided to embarrass the captain and pitted the Arcadia's non-security/Marine personnel against Colonel Bolanus' men in a training exercise planet-side in the Colonel's own base. The captain knew there was no way in Hades he was gonna win against a special ops team in a fair fight, so he broke into the base the night before, sabotaged the Marines' equipment, and planted a subroutine in their computer system, which gave him control of the holodeck where the exercise was to be hosted. Long story short, the next day he immobilized the Colonel's men without firing a single shot. Needless to say, the Admiral was not pleased."

A small smirk crept onto the Marine pilot's lips as she recalled the incident. What Oliver did was completely underhanded, but the look on Sandel face after the exercise was just priceless.

Werner nodded as he listened to Korra. He chuckled at the end, as he responded. "So, Captain Lee is a bit of a maverick then, eh?" He nodded approvingly as he spoke. "I think he and I will get along nicely."

"And yourself, Captain?" asked Korra, "I heard you were in Special Ops. Anything fun you can share that's not classified?"

Jackson replied with a slight grin. "In time, perhaps." He looked over at his desk monitor before continuing. "While I know that you don't fall under my command, Korra, I would appreciate your support when it comes to the training and operations that our marines will undoubtedly face down the line. My goal is to have our two units functioning as a well-oiled machine during any combat missions that we will face." He looked back over to the attractive pilot. "How does that work for you?"

Korra nodded. "I'm always up for some maneuver exercises. Just give me the time and place, and I will clear it with the CAG."

Riley sat quietly as the two senior marine officers spoke to each other.

Korra looked to Riley and then back to Jackson. "A few of my men and I are having our poker night at the squadron lounge tonight. You guys are welcome to come."

Riley spoke up first. "With regrets, Ma'am, I have another engagement this evening. Perhaps another time?"

Korra shrugged. "Your loss, Lieutenant." The she turned to Jackson. "And you, Captain?"

Jackson considered the offer breifly, then nodded. I'll be there, Kora. Thank you for the invite. Just make sure you bring plenty of latinum," he said with a lopsided grin. "I've been known to clean out opponents quickly."

A smirk crept onto one end of the pilot's lips. "Don't be so cocky, Captain. The last person who thought they could take my latinum still owes me five bars plus interest."

Werner returned the smirk with one of his own. "We'll see, flygirl. We shall see."


Captain Korra Ymir
Squadron Leader, VMFA-31
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Captain Jackson Werner
Commanding Officer
Marine Detachment (8th MEU, 2nd Battalion/3rd Regiment, Echo Company)
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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