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Future Past - Part 2 "Patriotism" (Flashback)

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 6:53am by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Captain Oliver Lee PhD
Edited on on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 6:57am

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Earth
Timeline: 2418, In A Future That Was


To make it easier to keep track, all the flashback posts that deal with the major events of the alternate timeline will be titled Future Past. This post is Part 2, and I have renamed the previous flashback
Idols and Whispers as Part 1.

Please note that Ishikawa's version of the events might be slightly different from those depicted in the flashbacks as she tries to change it to suit her own purpose.

[Previously in Future Past - Part 1 "Idols and Whispers"]

. . . . . .

"According to my sources inside Starfleet Command, there have been quiet whispers of a coup going the rounds." Said Deputy Director Jhmal Zame of the Federation Security Agency.

Oliver frowned. "You have spies inside Starfleet Command now?"

"Please, the FSA has had spies inside Starfleet for as long as Starfleet has had spies inside the FSA. Now, can we drop the inter-agency rivalry and get back to the important stuff? I do believe I mentioned something about a coup?"

"Fair enough." Oliver nodded. "How reliable are your sources?"

"Very. And you know how I know? Because they are all dead. Someone really wants to keep this under the wrap."

"Have you talked to Director Stein or Admiral Logan about this?"

"Are you kidding? For all I know they are the ones that silenced my sources."

"Why come to me then? For all you know I could be the one that's planning to overthrow the government."

"Oh, please, you don't have the guts for it."

"I think I'm hurt." Retorted Oliver with feigned disappointment

"Don't be. It's a compliment. I'm sending you everything I have, which is admittedly not much, but maybe you can do more with it than I can from here."

"What do you expect me to do?"

"I don't know. But do something. We can' afford fighting ourselves and the Dominions at the same time. That would be the end of us all."

. . . . . .


::Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth::

General Ardon Bolanus had been a seasoned Marine sniper before his promotion to general officer, and as such he had a deep appreciation for the virtue of patience. But even the most patient of snipers would have to pull the trigger at some point if he was to accomplish his mission. And that moment was now.

For too long he had allowed the politicians to put their personal ambitions and interests ahead of those of the Federation. For too long he had allowed those cowards to squander the lives of the men and women who had dedicated themselves to the protection of their country. No longer. The line had been drawn, and the day of reckoning had come.

"Lieutenant Hawkins, report." The Bolian general demanded of the young man in operations yellow sitting by the control station to his right.

"Almost there, sir." Replied the human. Another few moments passed before he looked up and said, "We have control of the palace's system, General."

The Bolian nodded in acknowledgement. "Major T'Por, signal all units and initiate Operation Odin."

"Yes, sir." Said Vulcan Marine as her hands flied over the holographic control interface of her terminal.

Bolanus turned and stepped over to the transporters, where several teams of special forces operators were standing by for their order to proceed.

"Captain Haro," He said to the Trill officer in charge. "Remember, minimal casualty."

Haro nodded. "Everything has been set to stun, General."

"Very well, Secure President Jiv'ek and his cabinet, and wait for my arrival."

"Yes, sir."

Turning to Hawkins, Bolanus gave his order. "Disable all defense measures in the palace, and energize."

"Disabling all defense measures, and energizing."

::Place de la Concorde, Paris, Earth::

A shuttle fluttered past the enormous windows of the conference room in the Place de la Concorde as President Jiv'ek listened to his judicial advisers newest reports about the war. To be perfectly honest, he wasn't listening. He was more concerned with the report they had just given him concerning the fleets of renegade Starfleet Officers calling themselves 'The Sanctuary Fleets'.

"...Sir?" Asked his adviser. Jiv'ek turned his attention from the window back to the conference.

"I've been thinking, Zettal." he said. "We should be focusing our attention on the Sanctuary Fleets, not worrying about the number of appeals concerning the legitimacy of my reelection campaign." He saw several members of his cabinet sigh as he spoke.

"Mr. President, if the Supreme Court agrees not to hear the case, then it will be sent for a vote in the Council. We won't be able to influence enough of the votes in time to keep you in the running."

Jiv'ek grinned as he leaned back in his chair. "Then we'll just have to make sure that our opposition won't be able to cast their-" The room went dark before he could finish.

"What the hell!" Someone erupted before the emergency lights kicked on. The room was set in an almost ghoulish glow. Then the shimmering of a transporter beam lit-up the room.

As soon as Haro and her team fully materialized, they fanned out just as they had practiced countless times. Mere seconds passed before all the access points were secured and all those present were surrounded at gun point.

Once the other teams that had beamed into various other locations in the palace all reported in, Haro signaled the HQ of their success. Then she addressed Jiv'ek directly.

"Rhus Jiv'ek Tharin, you are hereby relieved of all your duties as the President of the United Federation of Planets."

Jiv'ek sputtered at the demand. "WHAT?!" He shouted. "By whose authority?!!"

"Mine." Came the stern reply as Bolanus materialized in the room. "You and your cabinet will stand trial for corruption, conspiracy, and high treason against the Federation" The Marine laid out the charges as he approached the stupefied politicians. How they disgusted him.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" One of the cabinet shouted. "Security! SECUR- GAH!" The aging human woman crumpled to the ground holding her face where the butt of one of the Marine's phaser rifle had struck her.

Bolanus ignored the impotent protest from the Secretary of Defense and looked directly into Jiv'ek's eyes. "Mori'L and Lee started this war, but however misguided they were, they had the best interest of the Federation in their heart. You, Mr. Jiv'ek, on the other hand, you and your cronies treat the Federation as your personal fiefdom and Starfleet as your private and dispensable militia."

"How many men and women of Starfleet and the Marine Corps have you sacrificed just to win the last election? How many officers and citizens have you persecuted for standing up to you? Too many, Mr. Jiv'ek, too many. And what has the Federation Council, what have the courts done to fulfill their duties under the Constitution? Nothing. The vile and poisonous influence of your corruption has penetrated every crevice of the system. And yet, you were still not satisfied. No, Mr. Jiv'ek, you would not be satisfied until the Federation burns and crumbles around you."

The Marine paused and looked up at the azure flag of the Federation that hung on the wall behind Jiv'ek's desk.

"I have sworn to defend the Federation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and it is my intention to keep my words, or die trying. But for the Federation to survive, for the Federation to have a future, she must first be purged of the venom that has ravaged her vitals from within." Looking back down, he continued. "And that is exactly what I'm doing. If there is still a sliver of conscience in you, Mr. Jiv'ek, you will go quietly with Captain Haro, or if you choose to make it difficult, Captain Haro will respond in kind. Either way, you and your associates will stand trial for your crimes."

Jiv'ek glowered at the Marine, practically growling. "You realize that neither Starfleet Command nor the Federation Council will stand for this." He said. "Starfleet will mobilize to take you down!"

"The Federation Council is no more in control of the situation than you are, Mr. Jiv'ek." Bolanus responded bluntly. "My men are in the process of securing all institutions of government as well as anything else that is of strategic importance, and not just on Earth, but also throughout Sector 001."

"As for Starfleet Command, it is unfortunate that some of my colleagues do not see the necessity for drastic actions, but they are few in number and are being dealt with as we speak. In case you still harbor any delusion of hope, Mr. Jiv'ek, know that I have the support of half of the sector commanders, and the other half will fall in line once they realize that I am the Federation's last hope of stopping the Dominion and winning the war."

"And call me the traitor! Look at you; you're putting the fate the Federation in the hands of the military! The dissolution of civilian government and the removal any elected officials who don't agree with this; do you really think that the people are really going to stand for this?"

"The people?" Bolanus almost sounded amused. "Have you read the latest poll numbers, Mr. Jiv'ek? Public confidence in the presidency stands at a paltry 9%, the Federation Council 5%, and the judiciary 16%. In fact, Starfleet is the only institution of the Federation that still commands the trust of a majority of our people. So yes, not only would the people stand for this, they would whole-heartedly embrace this act of patriotism, a concept that I'm sure is quiet alien to you, Mr. Jiv'ek."

The seasoned Marine turned and walked over to the massive windows that overlooked the Seine.

"Once the war is over and the Dominions has been sent back to the hell hole from which they spawned, when the Federation has been cleansed of the poison and corruption that have brought her to her knees, I will restore the Constitution and return power to the people." After a pause he added. "This is not about you or me, Mr. Jiv'ek, or anyone else in this room. This is about the preservation of the Federation, our Federation. But I don't expect you to understand it. It's too noble an idea for you and your kind."

Jiv'ek snarled under his breath as he sat back. "Apparently, neither does the military."

Bolanus did not respond. There was no need. He hadn't come here to have an argument with the likes of Jiv'ek on the merit and the justice of his actions as both were beyond reproach. With a simple nod, he signaled Haro and her team to remove the former Federation President and his cabinet of crooks and scoundrels from his sight. They disgusted him.

"This isn't over, Bolanus. Just do yourself a favor: If you find a glass grasshopper on your desk, then run."

As Jiv'ek' and his impotent threat disappeared behind the ornate doors of the presidential office, the Bolian Marine again looked out of the massive ceiling-to-floor windows. He could see smoke rising from several quarters of the city and hear the sound of the occasional explosions. The safety of the Federation had a price, but it was a price worth paying.

::Meanwhile, Kalandra Command HQ, Betazed::

Captain Nami Ishikawa hadn't had any sleep in more than 48 hours, but there was still one report that she needed to deliver in person before some well-deserved shuteye. Like so many other reports she had to compile these days, it was more bad news, but this one was personal, not just for herself, but even more so for the admiral. It's better that he found out from someone who understood what it meant rather than from the routine debriefing the next morning.

Finally standing before the sector commander's office, she pressed the chime.

"Enter." A wearied voice unlocked the double doors of the office.

Stepping inside, Nami found Admiral Oliver Lee, commander of the Kalandra Sector, standing before a wall-mounted view screen. But instead of the usual tactical display, it was showing an interview of Travis Copeland, one of the most popular political commentators, on Truth Be Told, one of the most popular talk shows hosted by Solan Tan.

. . . . . .

Tan: Are you seriously suggesting that there should be a purge of the admiralty?

Copeland: No, not a purge, Solan. What I'm suggesting is simply accountability. 12 years ago they told us that it would all be over in a few months, but 12 years later the war still rages on, and with every passing day we lose more star systems to the Dominion. Yet, people like Lee and Mori'L, who brought us into this whole mess, still sit comfortably in their offices while millions are suffering and dying.

Tan: But some would say, Lee and Mori'L, well, at least Lee redeemed himself when he retook Deep Space 5 and stopped Dominion advance on Andoria.

Gral: You are forgetting that we wouldn't have to retake DS5 or defend Andoria if Lee hadn't started the war in the first place. We must not let . . .

And that was about all that Nami could take. "You shouldn't pay attention to this nonsense, sir." She said bluntly.

Pausing the display, Oliver turned around to face his chief of staff. "Copeland cares for the Federation as much as we do, Captain. Besides he wasn't entirely wrong. I did advocate for preemptive strikes on Dominion positions in the Gamma quadrant."

"But they rejected your operational proposal in favor of Mori'L's, sir, and it's her plans that led to the debacle at Thorin II."

"I don't think public opinions make that distinction, Captain."

Nami could never understand why her commanding officer cared so much about what other people thought. As far as she was concerned, he was the reason the Federation still hadn't lost the war, and that should be all that mattered.

"Enough about politics and ancient history." Oliver waved if off with a wry smile. "Shouldn't you be getting some sleep?" He asked.

"I will," She hesitated for a moment. "but we just received the news. It's the Bunker Hill, sir."


Handing him the PADD she had brought with her, Nami continued, "At about 0720 hours this morning, she was ambushed along with the rest of her squadron near the Banti Nebula. They were outnumbered 2 to 1. The Jem'Hadar left no survivors."

There was no immediate response from Oliver or discernible reaction on his face as he took in the news.

The Bunker Hill was his first command. It was where he was given a second chance after his Starfleet career had nearly ended prematurely. More important, it was where he met and married Michaela, the love of his life. But it was also where he lost Korra, his best friend and soul mate, as she gave birth to their daughter. The war had cost him dearly. Now it had just cost him one of his last links to the past, a past that had brought him such joy and such pain, a past he had fancied of re-living and changing. But, of course, there was no turning back the clock.

Letting out a long and wistful sigh, he said, "Thank you, Captain. Is there anything else?"

Nami had expected a lot more than a sigh. The Bunker Hill was more than just another entry on the long list of ships lost in 12 years of war. It was the white horse that he, the knight in shining armor, rode to save her from a lifetime of servitude, abuse, and misery. It was where she learned for the first time in her life what it was like to be free and to be cared for. It was where she fell in love for the first time, even if it was furtive and unrequited.

She needed a lot more than a sigh from him.

But maybe he was still in shock. The war had cost him dearly; it had taken a toll on him. Yet he fought on, both on the battlefield and off it. All those long and sleepless nights, all that useless coffee, if there was anyone in the headquarters who needed sleep more than she did, it was him. So maybe he was just too exhausted to process the loss of such an important piece of his past, of their past.

Or maybe he was already too broken, it suddenly dawned on her. Reaching out, she grasped his hand and intertwined her fingers with his. "Oliver . . ." She felt the grasp tightened, and then he let go of her.

"Go get some sleep." He said with a small and wearied smile. "I still need to go over the 3rd Fleet's deployment plan. I'll join you later."

Nami nodded quietly and stepped away. Before the doors closed behind her, she turned and caught a glimpse of him sinking into his chair, his eyes downcast.

She wished Korra could have been there. He would have opened up to her, and she would have known how to comfort him. But fate had a different plan 24 years ago and took her away from him, leaving him broken and under the spell of Michaela, that wretched and selfish woman, the cause of so much heartache and misery for him. For her.

Nami frowned in disgust at the thought of the doctor. As she turned to leave, she nearly bumped into a young lieutenant hastily making his way into the office suite.

"Captain Ishikawa?" The jittery Andorian officer snapped to attention as he realized who was standing before him. "I'm sorry, Ma'am."

Nami held back her agitation. "What is it, P'Trell?"

"It's Earth, Ma'am. Martial law has been declared on Earth."

[To be continued in Part 3 . . . . . .]

Admiral Oliver A. Lee
Commander, Kalandra Sector
Captain Nami Ishikawa
Chief of Staff, Kalandra Sector Command
(NPC - Oliver)
General Ardon Bolanus
Commander, Sector 001
(NPC - Oliver)
President Rhus Jiv'ek Tharin
United Federation of Planets
(NPC - Zax)


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