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Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2018 @ 7:43pm by Corporal George Charles & Captain Korra Ymir & Ensign Navaar & Ensign Amira Hye

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia
Timeline: MD 2 (March 4, 2393)


Captain Korra Ymir was never one to mince words in a sparring session. In fact she had barely said a word since it began, and the better for it. It seemed like everyone she had talked to in the last 24 hours wanted to talk about the brat who had the audacity of calling her mom. First it was Oliver, then it was Kevan. Luckily - for them - they both had the good sense of dropping the topic before long.

Corporal Charles, on the other hand, understood the uselessness of words and just focused on the sparring at hand, or maybe he was just socially awkward like she had been at one point. Either way, she was happy that no one had brought up the pesty issue of Terri in the last half an hour. Some good, old-fashioned, and satisfyingly painful hitting and kicking were exactly what she needed.

Blocking the other Marine's palm strike with one hand, she grabbed his wrist and pulled him off his balance before throwing him onto the deck and pinning him under her.

A small smirk crossed her lips. Still breathing heavily, she leaned down. "That's what I call a come back, Corporal. Another round, and you owe me that bottle of Tallarian whiskey."

Breathing heavily himself, George grinned slightly as he replied. "Well, Ma'am, then I'll just have to take off the kid's gloves then, won't I?"

There was a puzzled look on Amira's face as she walked toward the entrance to holodeck 5. She still hadn't heard from George since the Marine abruptly left her behind in the coffee shop yesterday. Well, he did kiss her on the cheek. But why hadn't he asked her out? He said he would. Turning to the Orion next to her, she asked, "So . . ."

"He's probably just busy with whatever Marines are busy with." Navaar answered without waiting for the other woman to finish her question.

"But . . ."

"Don't think too much about it. You will feel all better after a little yoga. I would know." Navaar winked at the brunette as they arrived at the holodeck entrance. Punching in their reservation codes on the small control panel, the Orion teasingly reassured her roommate. "Don't worry. I'm sure he's not cheating on you."

As soon as those words were out of her lips, the holodeck door slid open and both women's eyes popped at the scene before them.

Amira had expected a tranquil setting on the Great Prairie of Tantus III, perfect for a session of relaxing yoga, but instead she saw before her two people in sweat drenched Marine training fatigue lying on the ground in the middle of what looked like an Andorian vershaan arena. And one of them was George, her dreamy Marine. The other . . . well, she had never met the woman before, but she was gorgeous with her toned and athletic figure. But why was the Marine on top of George? She wanted to be on top of him, too!

"Oh, my." Navaar murmured amusingly as she licked her lips. "I wouldn't mind her on top of me."

"Wait, what?" Amira turned to her friend with a confused and exasperated look on her face. What's going on?!

Hearing the new voice, George twisted his head back to see who it was. His eyes softened and his smile grew. "Amira! Hey! Sorry about yesterday." He glanced up at Korra. "May I have a moment, Ma'am?"

"Sure." Korra nodded and let go of the other Marine before heading over to where her jar of water sat on the floor.

After Korra released him, George rolled to his right and then stood. Walking over to Amira and her friend, his smile faultered slightly. "Is.. everything okay?"

Amira's cheeks flushed red as George stood in front of her. The masculine scent of sweat, those eyes, he's even more dreamy now.

"Uh, I . . . yeah, yeah, everything is fine." she mumbled. A pause. "I think you have something on your arm." said the girl as she reached out and touched the man's exposed triceps. It was hot.

George looked at where Amira touched him. It suddenly dawned on him what she must have thought when she walked in. Reaching out, he gently took hold of her other hand and raised it to his chest. "Hey," he said softly, as he looked into her eyes. "Nothing was happening here. The Captain and I were just sparring. I wouldn't do anything stupid to hurt you, I promise."

Amira lost herself in those beautiful blue eyes for a moment. It took a second for her to process what George had just said. Her cheeks flushed slightly, but before she could respond, Korra walked back to where the trio were standing. The water jar in her hand was already half empty.

"Well, I just checked. It looks like there's a scheduling error in the system. Since Ensign Navaar made the reservation first, I'm afraid our last round will have to wait for another time, Corporal."

"Oh, no, no, no." Amira shook her head vigorously. She finally got a hold of George, there's no way she's letting him out of her sight again. "You don't have to leave. We can all just share the holodeck. I like foursomes."

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, Amira regretted them immediately. "Uh, I mean . . ."

Charles grinned at Amira's stumble. He knew what she meant, so he stepped up and helped. "Captain, perhaps we could teach them a few Marine close order combat drills?"

Korra shrugged slightly and turned to the Orion with a small smirk crossing her lips. "Sure thing. If you guys don't mind a few bruises."

"Oh, I like bruises." Navaar retorted in kind. Gesturing toward the other side of the arena, she said, "Shall we get started over there, Captain?"

The Marine grinned. "Be careful what you wish for, Ensign."

Amira watched as the other two women made their way to the other side of the holodeck. As she turned her attention back to George, her heart skipped a beat.

"So . . ."

George smiled easily as he looked into Amira's eyes. "Okay, why don't we start with you showing me what you already know. Then we can see if there's anything else I can teach ya?"

"Uh . . ." Amira thought for a second. Then a goofy grin appeared on her lips, seemingly out of nowhere. "I think I can use some help with close quarter combat." And the closer the better, she murmured to herself quietly, still grinning.

George grinned, his eyes sparkling as he did so. "Okay," he replied as he moved closer. "I'm going to start with a simple, front-facing choke hold," he said, almost apologetic, as he slowly put his hands around her neck. While he made his fingers stiff, he was careful not to choke Amira. "Okay, when you're ready, break the hold."

Amira remembered everything they taught her in CQC training back at the Academy. In fact, she could still recite the entire instruction manual by heart. Actual execution, however, was a different matter.

"12.05 Countering Front Chokes: grasp the opponent's right forearm where the elbow bends; apply downward pressure on the radial nerve; strike the opponent's chin with the free hand."

Grabbing George's forearm per the instruction manual, Amira couldn't help but admire all that toned muscle . . .

radial nerve, radial nerve . . . there it is

chin jab, chin jab . . . but that's such a handsome face

Then she remembered that she needed him down on the floor.

Sorry, handsome face

With all her might she struck the Marine's chin with her right palm.

Not expecting the hit, George took the full brunt on his lower jaw. The force of the hit first slammed his lower jaw upwards, breaking one of his incisers in the process. Next, his head snapped backwards, and he stumbled backwards, tripping over his feet and landing on his back, hitting the back of his head on the deck as he came to a final halt.

Surprised by her own strength, Amira rushed over and knelt down next to the Marine. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! Are you OK?!" she asked apologetically as she wiped the traces of blood off one corner of his mouth. "Are you OK?"

It took a few moments for George to clear the fog out of his head. "Wha.." he stammered slightly. "What was that? We...we were just... just sparring!" He panted slightly from the pain that pounded in his head. " hit me like I was actually strangling you." His eyes were still slightly out of focus as he spoke.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" Amira apologized profusely as she lifted the Marine's head onto her lap. Now that's more like it, she thought to herself.

Caressing his cheeks, she asked, "Does it still hurt?"

After a few beats, George looked up into Amira's eyes and replied. "It's getting better. Do me a favor? Next time we spar, remember that it's just sparring?"

Amira nodded emphatically. "On Scout's honor." She pledged, placing her right hand over her heart and then over the Marine's. Oh my, those pecs . . . At that thought, the seriousness in her countenance morphed into a goofy grin.

"So . . . what do we do now?"

George grinned slightly as he felt Amira's gentle caress of his chest. "Well, before we do anything else, I'd like to head down to sickbay and get my face patched up. Care to join me?"

"Sure." nodded a smiling Amira. As she helped him back to his feet, she asked, "So . . . do you like plays? I heard they are going to officially open the theater on deck 3 with a production of Thalisar's Lament tomorrow . . ." Her voice trailed off as she waited for him to catch the drift. Please don't say 'no', please don't say 'no'.

As the pair left the gym, George nodded slowly, as his head was still ringing some. "I'd love to, so long as my platoon sergeant lets me go. What time is the play?"

"Ten-thirty," said the brunette. "And they said that the Captain would be there, too. Didn't you stop someone from abducting him a few days ago?"

George blushed a little at the memory. If there was one thing he was not, it was boastful. He would be proud of the accomplishments of others, however, when it came to his own deeds, he was extremely humble. "Yeah, just in the right place at the right time. Anyone else would have done the same thing, had they been in my position."

Handsome, kind, and humble, is he perfect? Amira grinned she held on to him just a little tighter.

George grinned to himself as he felt Amira's grip tighten. As they made their way to sickbay, he glanced down at her and thought to himself that she was quickly becoming someone that he'd like to spend more time with.


Ensign Amira Hye
Language Specialist
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

Corporal George Charles
Marine Scout Sniper
PNPC Werner
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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