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The Astounding Adventures of Terri Cornelia Lee - Part 10 "Cornered" (Flashback)

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 1:04am by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren
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Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Earth
Timeline: 2419, In A Future That Was

::Tribeca, New York City::

With her back against the wall Alenis stood frozen as Gustave and Terri struggled with the MPs who had cornered them into a dead end alley. She wanted to help, but couldn't move a muscle. She was just a junior intelligence analyst on the Churchill, and had never been in a real fight outside of the mandatory close-quarter-combat training in the Academy.

It had been her idea to drag Gustave and then Terri into the resistance, but she was so caught up in the romanticism of the cause that she never truly considered what such a decision entailed. All the perils, dangers and risks, they had only just now dawned on her, and she was terrified.

Even as an MP slipped through the brawl and dashed toward her with a stun baton, she could only watch in horror, unable to move, much less get out of harm's way. It was not until the man grabbed her arm did she let out a desperate call for help.

Gustave heard a cry from behind him, immediately identifying its source as Alenis. He socked one of the security guys he was fighting in the temple with a mean right hook, knocking him out cold. He turned around to rush to Alenis's aid, only to find himself being pushed out of the way by Terri.

"Hands off her, you son of bitch!" Terri lashed out as she smacked the MP in the back of his head with a piece of broken metal pipe. As the man dropped to the ground, she saw his face. It's the same guy who had taunted her and called her a poozer earlier.

"Now who's the poozer, you poozer?!" The short-haired blonde gloated over the officer's motionless body before throwing the blood-stained pipe to the side. Turning to Alenis, she put one hand over the Bajoran's shoulder and with the other wiped off the few drops of blood that had spattered onto her cheeks.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "Did that poozer hurt you?"

Inhaling and exhaling rapidly, Alenis stared into the glimmering emerald green of Terri's eyes as the adrenaline rush continued to surge through her, both from the fear that had yet to completely subside and from witnessing the sheer abandon and ferocity with which the other woman had dispatched her assailant and saved her from some unknown, but surely miserable fate.

"I . . . I'm okay." She finally answered, having regained some measure of composure.

Terri's tense expression relaxed into a smile. "Good." She said. Then taking a quick glance of the unconscious man on the ground, she asked with an earnest curiosity in her voice. "So what's a 'poozer'?"

Alenis tilted her head to the side. Didn't she just . . .

Gustave was feeling a little left out as he glanced back and forth between the two girls. He heard the MP on the ground groan, so he gave him a solid kick in the head.

Perhaps it was just for good measure, or perhaps Gustave was . . . jealous? No.

He stepped in between his companions, placing a firm hand on each of their shoulders, "Alright, let's split this joint. We've got a long hike to South America, so we'd better get moving."

He urged them along with his hand, possibly squeezing their shoulders a little too tightly. Again, maybe it was jealousy in his veins, but it was probably just adrenaline from the fight. At least, he hoped so.

Unmindful of Gustave's tad-too-tight squeeze on her shoulder, Alenis grabbed Terri's hand and held on to it. She herself had always been quiet, cautious, and analytical, qualities that perfectly suited her (former) position as an intelligence officer. But Terri, on the other hand, she had never met anyone like her, so loud, so daring, so fierce. She was exhilarating. She was breathtaking. And by the Prophets, those eyes of hers . . .

Gustave cleared his throat loudly, hoping to interrupt their moment. He wasn't going to sit around as the backup came to take them to jail. He gritted his teeth and readjusted his grip to their biceps, pulling the girls behind him as he marched angrily down the street. "Come on!" he urged through his teeth, tugging harder at them.

Terri didn't know why Alenis still held onto her hand; the danger was already over. Maybe she was still shaken up by what had just happened. In any case, it's Gustave that was getting on her nerve now.

"I know where I'm going!" She shot him a look. She didn't like being bossed around, not even by Gustave.

"Alright, alright," Gustave said, putting his hands up in the surrender fashion, "Just so long as we actually get there. Soon. Like, really, really soon."

Before Terri could tell Gustave to mind his own business, the dimly lit alley way was lit up by the blinding light from a shuttle hovering overhead; at the same time nearly a dozen MPs rushed in and blocked the exit. Instead of stun batons, they had phaser rifles trained on the three fugitives.

"Stand down." Ordered a Vulcan lieutenant. "Or we will fire."

Gustave was ticked off now, but he knew they had no chance against an entire squadron of officers. He slowly raised his hands above his head, whispering to Terri and Alenis, "Just let them take us in, at least we won't get killed."

Completely ignoring Gustave, Terri stepped forward. Menacingly she taunted the Vulcan officer in charge. "Yeah? I want to see you try, you poozer." She had really grown fond of the word although its meaning was still not entirely clear to her. "I'm gonna beat the crap out of you poozers so hard you would wish you had never messed with Terri Cornelia Lee."

Another step forward, and the short-haired blonde was hit in the shoulder by a phaser blast from the Vulcan officer's phaser rifle. She stumbled backwards and fell.

"Terri." Alenis exclaimed in horror and rushed over to where the other woman had fallen.

Gustave's face turned red with anger and his hands went from in the air to fists aimed at that blasted Vulcan's face. He hesitated to punch him, but he remembered the man knocking Terri to the ground, and he wound up for a sucker punch.

Her eyes burning with rage, Terri struggled to get back on her own feet as Alenis struggled to restrain her.

"Is that the best you got, you !#&#& poozer?!" Shouted the short haired blonde. "Terri is so gonna kick the living #@^* out of your stupid pointy . . ."

Before she could complete her sentence that promised plenty more expletives, blue transporter beams engulfed her and her companions as the MPs moved in on them.

::Cockpit, USS Madeira::

". . . ears and face . . . ." Terri stopped in mid-sentence as she realized that she had just been beamed aboard what looked like a runabout. "What the hell?!!" She hated running away from a fight.

Gustave punched the air in front of him, narrowly missing the wall. He turned around sharply and growled, "Where are we?" He spotted a woman in federation garb sitting in the pilot's seat, "And who are you?"

"I'm the person who has just saved your sorry ass," Said the woman as she turned around in her seat.

As she saw the pilot's face, Terri's expression turned from anger to surprise and then to a grin, all under a second. "Captain Ishikawa!"

"It has been a while, Terri." Said Nami with a small smile. In fact, it had been more than five years since the last time she saw the girl in person, but not much had changed since then. Terri was still hot headed, getting herself into unwinnable fights. And she was still a spitting image of her mother; especially those eyes, they were just as fierce as Korra's.

"What are your doing here? Did dad send you?" Terri asked excitedly. But when she tried to stand up, the excruciating pain in her shoulder made her wince. "Ouch."

Alenis held onto Terri tenderly. She didn't know Ishikawa, but the woman did just save them from Starfleet Security. Besides Terri seemed to know her and trust her, and that's good enough for her, for now. "She needs medical attention, Captain." She pointed out the one obvious concern that the others seemed to have forgotten for the moment.

"There's a med kit in the aft compartment." Said Nami before turning her attention back to Terri. "Let's get to the base camp first." Looking up at Gustave, she continued, "Unless, of course, you have more urgent questions that must be answered right here and right now, while that shuttle out there runs a full sensor scan of the area."

Gustave put his hands up, "No, please, get us out of here."

[To be continued in Part 11 - "Necessary Betrayal" . . .]

Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
Resistance Fighter
(NPC - Oliver)
Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren
Resistance Fighter
(NPC - Oliver)
Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
Resistance Fighter
(NPC - Theo)
Captain Nami Ishikawa
Resistance Liaison
(NPC - Oliver)


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