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Posted on Fri Mar 16th, 2018 @ 9:43am by Jesse & Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia
Timeline: 0943 Hours, MD 02

Note: This post takes place during the Klingon riot on MD 2.


Chrys had been exploring a few out of the way area's while casually eavesdropping on certain people who might or might not have information that would one day come in useful. She may be the science chief but she had habits that never died. One was to always be aware of things outside her own sphere. One of her academy acquaintances had called her 'the Spider' after reading an old book called song of fire and ice, and compared her to the spymaster in t. She had rolled her eyes but the truth was, she always needed to know what was going on. So there she was when the hatch she had just entered through, into a rather non descriptive room, sealed shut behind her. Frowning she moved to the small console in the storage room and hit a button. [Lock down initiated] came the computer voice.

Sighing she called out "Jesse!"

It took only several millisecond for the ship's AI to respond to Chrys, who had been the second person to summon her since Captain Lee initiated the ship-wide lockdown a few brief moments ago. Even as Jesse materialized in her holographic avatar before the science chief, she was also manifesting herself almost simultaneously in various other parts of the ship in response to a dozen other summons.

"How can I help you, Lieutenant Capulet?" Asked the AI. She would have sounded perfunctory if not for the subtle concern in her expression. - she did have one of the most sophisticated personality matrices that had ever been implemented in an artificial intelligence.

"Oh please call me Chrys." Chrys said calmly. "Could you please give me an update, and explain why the door here just locked?"
Panic would not help anyone.

"Of course, Chrys." Jesse complied with the science chief's request for informality. "Our Klingon prisoners just took control of the brig on Deck 43. Captain Lee has initiated ship-wide lockdown protocol Alpha-4. Security is currently en route to the scene, and I'm confident that the situation will be resolved in a timely manner." After a pause, she asked, "Do you require any assistance, Chrys?"

"Yes I need environmental control for that brig on this console please. I do not appreciate their interference in my walk."

Jesse tilted her head slightly to the side. It seemed to her that Chrys had a misplaced sense of priority. But regardless, she need to respond to her request. "May I ask why?"

"Without Oxygen they cannot go further." Chrys replied calmly. "And it will cut down on our injuries."

"I'm afraid I cannot comply with that request, Chrys." said the AI, "Protocols dictate that unless Captain Lee orders otherwise, Lieutenant Dash as the chief security officer has operational control of the situation." There was a pause before Jesse continued, "Lieutenant Riley has just entered the brig. I believe he has challenged Captain Korax to single combat."

"Oh and that is sensible" Chrys rolled her eyes. "Typical Male chest beating!" She felt like screaming. "Very well, let me out of this room and give me access to the tubes, I will make my way to the bridge. You can seal sections behind me."

Jesse tilted her head slightly. She didn't quite understand the science chief's need to get out.

"But Regulation 14 Section 2 Para . . ."

Chrys held up a hand. "I know the regulation Jessie. But I cannot assist the crew and the captain, stuck in the bowels of the ship." And she had a feeling that it would be now, that the move would be made by the Themy Crew.

"Do you not trust the security team's capability?" Asked Jesse. In the months since she first came online, Lieutenant Capulet had been arguably the most intriguing member of the crew. She couldn't help but felt the urge to learn more about the woman. That must be what they called curiosity.

"I trust them just fine Jesse. What I do not trust is the fact that this all happens now. I am thinking we are being set up. Get me out of here now please." Chrys said calmly as possible.

"Even if I wanted to let you leave, Chrys," said the AI, "my programing does not allow me to."

Then, Chrys considered, "Maybe we need to alter your program" she turned to the console. "How would you like the ability of free will Ms Jesse?"

"I don't understand." said Jesse. Tilting her head to the side, she asked, "What are you doing, Chrys?"

"I am installing upgrades for you Jesse." Chrys replied. And she set to work installing an evolving program which would give Jesse the ability to think outside the box. "Do not worry Jesse, it won't affect your command functions. But it will give you the ability to consider other options from different sources.And to use your own information to assist the crew better."

"I'm not scheduled for those upgrades until after the completion of my current field trial, Lieutenant, and even if you install them now, I can't activate them without the Captain's express authorization."

Chrys smiled. "Do not worry so much Jesse. I'll clear it with him."


Artificial Intelligence
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Roger/Oliver)
Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet
Chief Science Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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