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Black Market Story

Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2017 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet

Mission: Character Background Stories
Location: Eisenhower C
Timeline: Years ago

The Black market. Every ship had one. A market where people could buy stuff without it costing more than it should. The Eisenhower C 's was not what Chrys would call a great example of one.

It was rather pathetic and it had taken her 2 hours to find the market, as the buyers were not discrete.

Chrys gave the young ensign a small lecture on why he was not suited for such things and it shut down. It was not because she wanted to run it, she didn’t want it running at all.

Black markets were a security hazard and she knew people who would infiltrate a ships one to get access to ships systems and items.

That done, she made it back to her quarters and checked her messages. None. Thank the gods for that. She didn’t need any communications from her … family. She had enough trouble, and she didn’t need to borrow more from her delinquent family.
Sitting down on her couch, she kicked off her shoes and crossed her legs Indian style. She would take time to breath and relax before reporting to duty.



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