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Revelation - Part 1 "Project Medusa"

Posted on Sun Nov 5th, 2017 @ 5:46pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Alden Reade

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia
Timeline: 1323 Hours, MD 2 (March 4, 2393)

[Previously in The Klingons Are Revolting! - Part 2 "Brawl"]

. . . . . .

Scrambling to his feet and nursing the shoulder, Kevan could see that the uprising was almost put-down and another security detail had just arrived through the doors, in full combat gear and compression rifles handy. This wouldn't last much longer. He slapped his commbage, regretting it instantly as pain slid down his arm.

"Bridge, this is Lieutenant Dash. I think we've just about got things under control down here." He looked down at the fallen Klingon female who had been bleeding green blood instead of purple. "I think it would be a good idea to get some medical teams here, and..." He paused, staring at the prone form and recalling her words. "I think I need to speak to the Captain."

. . . . . .


::Main Sickbay, Recovery Unit 3::

As the anesthesia wore off and the fog was lifted off her mind, Jalor languidly opened her eyes and took stock of her surroundings. It looked like she was in one of the recovery rooms, isolated from the rest of the sickbay, with a single entry and exit point guarded by an armed Starfleet security officer. There was not much she could or need to do at this moment except awaiting the arrival of her interrogators. There was much to discuss.

As soon as Ensign Navaar noticed that the "Klingon" was waking up from her medically induced stupor, she tapped her combadge, just as she had been instructed. "Navaar to Lieutenant Dash, the 'Klingon' is waking up."

"Understood, Ensign. I'll be there shortly," Kevan replied. He touched his communicator again. "Dash to Captain Lee. The 'guest' we discussed earlier is awake."

::Ready Room, Bridge::

Oliver was going over the Themyscira's repair progress report when the security chief's voice came through the intercom. "I'll meet you in the sickbay, Lieutenant. Lee out." As he stood up from his chair and headed toward the ready room's double doors, he opened a channel to his chief of intelligence. "Lieutenant Reade, meet me in main sickbay. I think our Klin . . . Romulan guest is ready to explain herself."

Lieutenant Alden Reade stopped tying at his desk terminal and responded. "Captain, will this require techniques of the more advanced level of interrogation or will simple ways work?" While Alden wasn't advanced in interrogation techniques and it is a required course at Intel school, their were other means of interrogation, some that even went past the ethics of Starfleet but were just and ethical if explained properly.

Oliver raised an eyebrow as he exited the ready room.

"This is a Federation starship, Mr. Reade, not a Tal Shia labor camp." he said over the intercom, "The only permissible interrogation techniques are those authorized in the Starfleet Field Manual, so no racks or cortical inducers. Is that clear, Lieutenant?"

"Yes sir, I have other traditional and still ... effective means of extraction." Alden went over to a cabinet that was locked by a code. He tapped it in and the doors popped open.

Alden grabbed a small black case roughly the size of a small PADD. Opening it up it had a weird looking injector and two small viles. It was accepted in Starfleet to use this method but more effective ways would require to not have the Captain there and a medical staff on stand by.

"Lee out." Oliver closed the intercom with a tap of his combadge. As he passed behind the three command seats in the middle of the bridge, he nodded at the officer on duty, "Commander Elbrun, I'll be in the sickbay questioning our Romulan guest. Update Commander I'lien when he comes back from his meditation."

"Aye, aye, Captain." Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun nodded in acknowledgement.

::Main Sickbay, Recovery Unit 3::

Oliver walked briskly into the sickbay, followed closely behind by his security and intelligence chiefs. Having made his way to the room where the Romulan lied in bed, he dismissed the security officer and stepped inside.

Jalor watched as the trio of Starfleet officers walked in. He didn't recognize the Trill and the human lieutenants - there was really no reason why she would - but the captain leading the way looked familiar.

"Jesse," Oliver called out to the ship's artificial intelligence, "would you please give us some privacy?"

"Yes, sir." the AI replied softly without materializing herself in her holographic form. A quiet hum later, an audio isolation field surrounded the room.

Turning his attention to the Romulan, who was still in her Klingon disguise, the Arcadia's commanding officer introduced himself, "I'm Captain . . . ."

". . . Oliver Antoninus Lee." Jalor finished the human's sentence. He looked young, she mused to herself.

Oliver raised a curious eyebrow, but quickly reminded himself that if she's from the future, then it was not entirely surprising that she knew him, or at least knew of him. In fact, he found it somewhat flattering that in the future he's sufficiently well known that even a Romulan spy recognized him.

Continuing with his introduction, he said, "This is Lieutenant Dash, my chief of security, and Lieutenant Reade, my chief intelligence officer." A small pause. "It seems rather unfair that you know me, but I still know nothing of you, wouldn't you say, Ms. . .?"

The Romulan popped herself up on the bed. "Jalor, Romulan Intelligence."

"Good to know the Tal Shiar persists even in the distant future," Kevan remarked, glancing at the other Lieutenant nearby. "They're like a bad smell, you just can't get rid of them."

"The Tal Shiar?" A small smirk crossed Jalor's lips. "Your captain took out the last known Tal Shiar base when I was sixteen, Lieutenant. A lot of things have changed since . . ."

She paused momentarily, trying to remember which year it was. She had been down in engineering when the K'Vort chased the Themyscira out of the time stream. She knew they had traveled back in time, but never got a chance to determine the precise year before Korax self-destructed his own ship, although one of the Klingons might have mentioned something during the failed jailbreak.

"2393." Oliver filled in the year for her.

"Ah, yes, 2393." Jalor mused to herself before turning her attention back to the Trill. "A lot of things have changed since 2393, Lieutenant. As it turned out, the destruction of Romulus was the best thing that had ever happened to the Romulan people since our ancestors left Vulcan. The empire is no more, and we are free." A brief pause, her brows tightened slightly. "But again, who knows how the future will unfold, now that Captain Ishikawa has brought the Themyscira back in time."

"You know her?" Kevan inquired. Perhaps Jalor had further insight regarding the future officer. "Captain Ishikawa?"

Instead of answering the security chief's question immediately, Jalor reached out to the back of her neck and deactivated a small device obscured by her hair. With a barely audible hum, her Klingon disguise flickered and then faded, revealing a Romulan woman in her 30s under the holographic mask.

"To answer your question, Lieutenant," she said, "no, I don't know Captain Ishikawa personally, but I do know of her, mostly from the files we have on her." Turning to the Arcadia's commanding officer, she continued, "where I'm from, Captain, you eventually ascended to the admiralty and Captain Ishikawa was your chief of staff during the last few years of the Second Dominion War. Long story short, after the Federation surrendered, she and a few others continued their resistance against the Dominion, and . . ."

Oliver raised his hand and stopped her in mid sentence.

"I don't think it's a good idea to reveal too much about the future, Ms. Jalor. Lieutenant Dash said that you mentioned a Project Medusa before you were rendered unconscious?"

The Romulan shrugged nonchalantly. "That future is unlikely to be repeated now that the timeline has already been changed, Captain. I don't think much harm would be done that has not already been done by Captain Ishikawa and the Themyscira when back in time. But yes, Project Medusa. I'm afraid we don't know too much about it, except that it's a biological weapon first developed by Starfleet towards the end of the war and that Captain Ishikawa has somehow managed to finish it while on the run from the Dominion and the Klingons.

"Captain Ishikawa has always been rather . . . vocal about her dismay at what she perceived as my government's betrayal of our alliance with the Federation when the Republic decided to stay clear of the war. Now personally I think we should have joined the war, but at the same time the Federation did start the war without consulting any of its allies, and then there's that one time when Starfleet thought it was a good idea to kill a few thousand Dominion POWs, so I do see why the Senate was reluctant to be dragged into a mess that's entirely of the Federation's own making."

"In any case, my superiors were understandably concerned about who might be the intended target of Project Medusa. And as it turned out, the Klingons also got wind of the weapon, and the K'Vort was one of the ships they sent to hunt down Ishikawa. I was assigned to infiltrate Korax' crew in case the old man got lucky and found the Themyscira - we had agents on other Klingon ships. And wouldn't you know, by sheer dumb luck Korax stumbled on Ishikawa's hideout in the Azula Belt. And now here we are."

Oliver's brows tightened as the Romulan spoke. When she finished, he said, "According to Captain Ishikawa, the Dominion was the one that began the war when they struck first with a biological weapon."

"She was not entirely untruthful." said Jalor, "The Dominion was acting quite belligerently prior to the war, but it was the Federation that struck first. As a matter of fact, we believe that you, Captain, were the one that persuaded the Federation Council to go to war."

Kevan's eyes darted over to look for a reaction from his Captain, but said nothing.

Incredulously Oliver asked, "Excuse me? Why would I want to go to war with the Dominion?"

Jalor shrugged. "That I don't know, Captain. Our intel on the Federation Council's deliberation prior to the war was a bit sketchy. Or if my superior knew, they definitely didn't share it with me. I'm just a field agent, Captain."

Oliver turned and began slowly pacing around the room. Why would his future self want to go war, a war that would apparently cost the death and suffering of billions. Why did Ishikawa lie? Lies . . .

Pausing abruptly in his track, the Arcadia's commanding officer turned to his intel and security chiefs.

"Lieutenant Arlin updated me on the Themyscira's repair progress this morning. He mentioned that the repair was proceeding on schedule, the only exception being science lab 2. Commander Ming, the Theymiscira's chief engineer, said that they encountered some unexpected problems in the lab, but he turned down Lieutenant Arlin's offer to assist with the repair."

"When you put it like that you make it sound suspicious, Captain," Kevan noted. Inside he desperately wanted to believe that his fellow Starfleet officers had integrity and honesty as cornerstones of their behavior. The evidence, however, appeared a little more convincing. "Perhaps we should ask Captain Ishikawa for an explanation?"

Oliver shook his head. "If I learned anything from my years working at the IG's office, Lieutenant, it's that sometimes even when presented with irrefutable evidence, for one reason or another, people would still deny any wrongdoings. And at the moment we don't even have any concrete evidence except for Ms. Jalor's words. If we confront Captain Ishikawa now, it would only tip her off - if she's indeed planning something nefarious - and at the moment I don't have any cause to confine her, much less to arrest her."

"We're not IA, though, Captain. We're Starfleet officers. We owe her the chance to face those charges herself." Kevan paused, looking at the Romulan agent in front of them. "However...the detective in me wants to know more about this science lab over there before we go on half-cocked."

Oliver nodded. "Indeed." He paused to ponder his options for a moment before continuing. "I will have Lieutenants Capulet and Arlin investigate the science lab, but we also need to draw Captain Ishikawa and her crew away from the Themyscira. If they are hiding something, they won't be happy to see anyone poking around in their lab." A small smirked crossed his lips. "Is anyone up for a party?"

"I'm always up for a party, Captain." Kevan grinned.

[To be continued in Part 2 . . .]

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