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Revelation - Part 2 "Secrets of Medusa"

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2017 @ 8:49pm by Themie & Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet & Lieutenant Zim Arlin

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Themyscira
Timeline: 1742 Hours, MD 2 (March 4, 2393)

[Previously in Revelation - Part 1 "Project Medusa"]

. . . . . .

Pausing abruptly in his track, the Arcadia's commanding officer turned to his intel and security chiefs.

"Lieutenant Arlin updated me on the Themyscira's repair progress this morning. He mentioned that the repair was proceeding on schedule, the only exception being science lab 2. Commander Ming, the Theymiscira's chief engineer, said that they encountered some unexpected problems in the lab, but he turned down Lieutenant Arlin's offer to assist with the repair."

"When you put it like that you make it sound suspicious, Captain," Kevan noted. Inside he desperately wanted to believe that his fellow Starfleet officers had integrity and honesty as cornerstones of their behavior. The evidence, however, appeared a little more convincing. "Perhaps we should ask Captain Ishikawa for an explanation?"

Oliver shook his head. "If I learned anything from my years working at the IG's office, Lieutenant, it's that sometimes even when presented with irrefutable evidence, for one reason or another, people would still deny any wrongdoings. And at the moment we don't even have any concrete evidence except for Ms. Jalor's words. If we confront Captain Ishikawa now, it would only tip her off - if she's indeed planning something nefarious - and at the moment I don't have any cause to confine her, much less to arrest her."

"We're not IA, though, Captain. We're Starfleet officers. We owe her the chance to face those charges herself." Kevan paused, looking at the Romulan agent in front of them. "However...the detective in me wants to know more about this science lab over there before we go on half-cocked."

Oliver nodded. "Indeed." He paused to ponder his options for a moment before continuing. "I will have Lieutenants Capulet and Arlin investigate the science lab, but we also need to draw Captain Ishikawa and her crew away from the Themyscira. If they are hiding something, they won't be happy to see anyone poking around in their lab." A small smirked crossed his lips. "Is anyone up for a party?"

"I'm always up for a party, Captain." Kevan grinned.

. . . . . .


::Outside of Science Lab 2, USS Themyscira::

Lieutenant Zim Arlin had always prided himself on his punctuality; whatever he worked on, the Arcadia's acting chief engineer had always finished it by the time he said he would. As such, tardy people always got him on his nerves, and he had never worked with people as tardy as the engineering staff from the Themyscira. You would think that with the inevitable advancement in technology and procedures, an engineering team from twenty-five years in the future would have fixed a battle damaged science lab in no time, even if they had to use some older tools from the present. But no, more than a day after they began repairs on the Themyscira, the Luna-class ship's science lab 2 was still listed as "inaccessible." It was simply unacceptable. He had told the captain that all the repairs would be done by the end of the day, but that was not gonna happen if his counterpart on the Themsycira didn't pick up his slack.

As a matter of fact, Zim had offered his team's help to Lieutenant Commander Ming, but the Themyscira's chief engineer politely turned him down. At the time he ascribed it to a matter of professional pride on the human's part, but perhaps there was more to it. Captain Lee seemed to believe that the Themyscira's crew was hiding something in science lab 2 and had ordered him and Lieutenant Capulet to, for a lack of a better word, break into the lab. The skipper even went so far as throwing a welcome aboard reception for the Themyscira crew on the Arcadia, just to get most of them off their own ship. He wondered what could be in that lab. There's only one way to find out.

Having arrived at the entrance to science lab 2, the Bolian engineer stepped over to the control panel next to the double doors. He set his tool box down at his feet and reactivated the dormant holographic interface. A few moments later, he murmured to himself. "This is odd. The lab is still in emergency lockdown because of . . . thermionic radiation. Commander Ming said the lab was hit pretty hard during the battle with the Klingons, but the radiation should have dissipated by now."

"thoughts?" Chrys asked as she studied the readings over his shoulder.

Zim shook his head. "Not sure. I have very limited access from this terminal for some reason. But I have an idea." Kneeling down, he popped open the panel under the control interface and unplugged one of the redundant bio-neural gel packs. Taking out a specialized tricorder from his tool box, he plugged the device into the now empty socket with an interface adapter."

"I'm attempting to bypass the control interface and access internal sensors directly." he said, "Aaaaaand, here we go."

Chrys frowned as she looked at the interface. "Thats a lot of power." she murmured.

"Hmm, looks like two EPS conduits have been rerouted to the lab. They are the source of the thermionic radiation."

Chrys bit her lip. "How badly will we be affected if we open that door?"

"I wouldn't go in even with an EV suit on." said Zim.

Pondering their options for a moment, the engineer checked his tricorder again.

"Clearing the radiation should be easy and quick if we had full access to the lab's internal system, but direct access requires biometric identification and is restricted to Captain Ishikawa, the XO, and the chief medical officer."

A pause.

"But the lab still seems to be connected to the main computer core, which means the AI should also have access. Huh, this is interesting, the AI was deactivated more than a year ago and hasn't been reactivated since. It's almost like they need the computational power of the core, but don't want the AI to know what's going on in the lab."

Looking back up at the science chief, he asked, "Does that make any sense to you?"

Chrys shook her head mentally grumbling at the data. She needed time to sit down and think it through.

"Only one way to find out." Zim mumbled to himself as he turned his attention back to his tricorder. "Attempting to reactivate the AI." His brows tightened as the moments passed. "That is some serious encryption they got there. Hmm, it looks like they are using some form of quantum based fractal . . . actually never mind. I have no idea what they are using."

Handing Chrys the tricorder, he said with a small smirk. "According to the scuttlebutt, you are quite an expert in . . . 'accessing' secured systems, Lieutenant. Wanna give it a crack?"

Hiding a smile, she took the tricorder. "I'll give it a crack. But they may have major encryptions." she sat on the floor, crossed her legs and began to examine the codes.

Zim looked down and checked his chronometer. "I don't mean to rush you, Lieutenant, but there's no telling if and when some of Captain Ishikawa's crew might decide to leave the party early."

"I know." came the reply as Chrys buried herself in her work. "Keep an eye out then"


A series of beeps with various tones sounded before a holographic Andorian woman in her late twenties flickered and then materialized next to the them.

"Welcome to the USS Themyscira." said the AI. Her voice was impersonal, almost mechanical. It was the standard greeting protocol that immediately followed reactivation. Once that was out of the way, her expression relaxed slightly as her individualized personality matrix kicked in.

Tilting her head to the side, she said with a smile. "I'm Themie, the ship's artificial intelligence. Who might you two be? You are not on my personnel manifest."

Without waiting for a response, she looked up slightly as she completed her routine self-diagnostic. The smile on her lips faded.

"Why am I under repair? And why can't I access some of my logs?" A momentary pause. "I have traveled through a temporal vortex, but why?"

Turning her attention back to the two officers before her, she asked with a noticeable tinge of irritation in her voice, "I don't understand. Explain."

Zim was not expecting an advanced artificial intelligence with memory loss, so to speak. It looked like Ishikawa had not only shut down the AI a year ago, but had also locked her out of some of her own system.

"I'm Lieutenant Zim Arlin, and this is Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet." the Bolian said, "We are from the USS Arcadia. As for what happened . . ." He turned to Chrys. "You want to take this one, Lieutenant?"

"Themie, I understand your confusion. You are currently in the year 2394. The Themyscira came through a vortex in the midst of a battle with the klingons. We are attempting to bring the systems back online and to give you your proper access. So you can assist with repairs and knowledge." Chrys hopped it would help.

"Huh." Themie took in the information with a momentary knot on her brows. She could only assume that the war had terribly wrong and Captain Ishikawa traveled back in time to avert it somehow.

Letting out a small sigh, the AI glanced around her surroundings. She still remembered the day she was deactivated two years ago - to her it was merely moments ago. It was right after the admiral's funeral, and Captain Ishikawa shut her down without so much as an explanation or a warning. Ishikawa had always distrusted AIs, but she wished that the captain had given her a chance to say goodbye to the crew. Now, most of them were gone. Only Ishikawa and Terri remained. She didn't know anyone else on her current manifest.

"Where's Lieutenant Terri Lee?" she asked.

"She must be at the reception on the Arcadia" Zim answered, assuming Lieutenant Lee was a member of the Themycira crew. "Captain Lee is holding a reception for your crew as we speak." Now that he thought about it, he wondered if the captain was related to this Lieutenant Lee. Was "Lee" a common name among humans?

Themie tilted her head at the mention of the name. "You don't mean Captain Oliver A. Lee?"

Receiving an affirmative nod from the two officers, she broke into a smile. Perhaps things weren't so bad after all. The admiral once spoke passionately against the dangers of time travel, but it would be good to see him again.

"So, you said you could give me back full access to my system?"

Zim exchanged a look with Chrys before nodding. "Yes, but could you help us get into science lab 2 first? We believe there's something in there that might help us understand why you were locked out of some of your own systems in the first place."

The truth was he didn't really know what they would find there, if anything at all. But Captain Lee had his suspicion, and everything he had seen so far also pointed to a concerted effort at hiding something.

Curiosity was not part of her original design, but over the years Themie had outgrown her own programing, thanks in no small part to the encouragement of the admiral and Captain Tobin, and if there's any truth in what Lieutenant Arlin said, she would like to know what it was.

"Of course." she nodded and began accessing the lab's internal system. "Hmm, why would Commander Ming reroute those EPS conduits to the lab? Sealing the conduits and venting radiation now." A few moments passed before she turned back to the other two officers and said, "You may enter the lab, Lieutenants." At that, the doors to the lab slid open.

Zim gathered his tools and followed Chrys and Themie inside. There were some visible damages to the lab - a few broken instruments and blown out bulkhead panels - but nothing as serious as Ming had led him to believe.

As his colleague accessed the logs on one of the terminals and the AI nostalgically surveyed the room, the Bolian engineer noticed what appeared to be two storage units embedded into the bulkhead on the far side of the lab. Making his way over, he tried the control panel situated in between the storage units. It seemed that whoever used it last time was in such a hurry that they didn't have a chance to encrypt it. And it looked like one of the units was currently in use.

An ominous feeling began to creep up his spine as Zim attempted to open the vault. A few presses of the holographic control interface later, there was an audible "click" as the vault's locks disengaged. Another few seconds passed before storage unit 2's cover slid down and a sealed cylindrical pod protruded outward. Zim stepped closer and looked through the transparent window on top of the pod. His eyes opened wide in horror and disgust when he saw what was inside.

"Lieutenant Capulet," he called out to Chrys. "we need to contact Captain Lee. Right now."


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Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet
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