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The Ghosts of Future Past - Part 3 "The Ones We Lost"

Posted on Sat May 4th, 2019 @ 11:08pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant Commander Johannes Adlerstein

Mission: Character Background Stories
Location: Various
Timeline: In A Future That Was

[Previously in The Ghosts of Future Past - Part 2 "Haeschen"]

. . . . . .

"From what I heard, the boy looks like he fell on his butt alright, down a few flights of stairs." Adlerstein chimed.

A barely noticeable smirk flashed across Terri's lips as she remembered the pained look on Adrien's face. "He shouldn't have taken my glider. It was my glider."

Hans’ eyes greater warm as he spoke to the young girl. “Oh, come now Kleine; you know I know you better than that. A stolen glider might get a sock in the arm or a good push, but the way you went after him makes me think he did more than just take something of yours. What else did the kid do?”

The smile disappeared from Terri's face. Looking back down, she kicked another pebble, this time with much more force. "He said . . . he said I'm the reason my Mom died. He said I killed her! So I punched him. It's his fault. He shouldn't have said that! I didn't kill my mom. I didn't!" Her voice began to crack as she looked back up, tears swelling in her eyes. "I told Dad, but he wouldn't even listen. He said I shouldn't have punched Adrien. He said . . . he said it was my fault. But I didn't kill my mom. I . . . I didn't! Why would he say that?! Why?! I . . . I . . ." Her words became unintelligible as tears began to pour down her reddened cheeks and she started to cry uncontrollably.

. . . . . .


::2400, In A Future That Was, Commander Johannes Adlerstein's Quarters, USS Themyscira::

As she woke up from her sleep, Terri found herself on a couch under a thin, but comfy blanket. She must have cried herself to sleep earlier. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. It was Hans' quarters - she had come here so many times that she could find her way around blindfolded; it's practically her second home - and it might as well be. With Michaela off the ship on a doctors' meeting, there was nowhere else on the ship she would rather be.

Hans sat up from his desk as he heard Terri stir, switching off the newsfeed as he did so. “Hey kid. Mind if I grab some of that couch too?” He said, pointing towards the furniture she currently laid on.

The girl nodded and moved to the side to make more room on the couch.

"What happened to the bunny?" she asked as Hans sat down next to her.

Instead of answering, Adlerstein got up and went into his bedroom, returning in a few seconds with his hands behind him, clearly keeping something out of view.

“I brought him along with me.” He said, his hands coming to the front to reveal a stuffed rabbit in remarkable likeness to the creature she worried over on the planet earlier.

Terri grinned as she took the stuffed bunny and hugged it tight against her chest. For a few moments, Terri caressed the stuffed bunny in her arms and didn't say a word. Then the caressing stopped and she looked up at Hans.

"What happened to my Mom?"

She had heard bits and pieces from her Dad and Michaela while they thought she was sleeping, but no one had ever told her what exactly happened. Whenever she asked Michaela, she would only say it was an accident and then distract her with delicious cookies. And that one time she asked her Dad, he frowned and told her he was busy.

Hans rubbed the back of his head. “Well little one, that’s a bit of a complicated story . . .”

::2394, In a Future That Was, Sickbay, USS Bunker Hill, In Orbit of Kelsa III::

"Her vitals are deteriorating rapidly. We have to deliver now."

"Prepare for fetal transport."

"Locking onto the baby's coordinates. Initiating umbilical cord separation. Energizing."

Blue transporter beams shimmered inside a nearby medical incubator and mere seconds later a clarion cry of life reverberated throughout the sickbay.

"The baby's vitals are stable."

"She's going into shock."

"Increase chlorofine to 22 milligrams."

"It's not working. Depolarization of her basal ganglia is accelerating much faster than we anticipated."

"Prepare for neuropolaric induction. Set the cortical inhibitor to 85%, and bring me the neural modulator."

". . . she's gone."

"I said bring me the neural modulator!"

"She's gone, Doctor. There's nothing we can do."

"Damn it!"

::Bridge, USS Bunker Hill::

Ensign Kell Tobin looked up from his station and glanced around the bridge. He could feel the tension and anxiety in the air. No, he could see them. He could see them on Captain Lee's furrowed brows. Less than an hour ago, he and the XO had to practically drag the man away from sickbay to allow Dr. Taylor the concentration she needed to operate on Lieutenant Ymir.

He had never seen the captain so riled, so brooding. The human was the polar opposite of his usual composed and amicable self. But who could blame him? If being possessed by trans-dimensional entities along with your wife was not enough to do the trick, facing the prospect of loosing both her and your unborn child - a child who did not exist until a few hours ago - certainly would.

Hans approached his Skipper, but hesitated to speak, unsure of what to say. He decided to project calm and strength, in case Oliver needed to borrow some by proxy.

“Sir.” Hans said with a nod.

Oliver responded with an absentminded nod, but didn't say a word, his eyes transfixed on the main view screen where the lush green planet below slowly spun. Then the turbolift doors hissed open, momentarily disrupting the muted uneasiness on the bridge. Everyone paused what they were doing and turned to find a wearied and somber Dr. Michaela Taylor. She had taken off her surgical scrubs, but a few splatters of blood were still visible on her duty uniform.

"Captain, may I talk to you in the ready room?"

There was a disconcerting lack of any hint of emotion on Oliver's face as he stood up from his chair. "Yes?" he asked, but didn't move from where he stood, seemingly oblivious to the doctor's question.

Michaela glanced around the bridge and hesitated. "I think it would be best if . . ."

A faint note of impatience surfaced in his voice as Oliver asked again, "What is it, Doctor?"

Michaela took a deep breath and walked down to the middle of the bridge where Oliver stood. With a quick side glance she signaled Hans to be ready. Oliver might have been freed of the Vorusi, but there was no telling how the ordeal had affected him emotionally and psychologically.

The German’s return nod was minute, almost imperceptible.

"The baby is safe and sound, Oliver," said the Doctor, "But Korra . . . we did everything we could, but our understanding of the Vorusi's merging process is still . . ." Suddenly realizing the futility of explanation, she paused and reached out to his arm. "I'm so sorry."

There was a barely noticeable twitch in Oliver's brows as he stepped back and avoided Michaela's hand. Tilting his head to the side, he stared into the main view screen.

“Sir?” Hans said cautiously.

Oliver did not answer. For a few tense moments he just stared at the planet below. And then his brows tightened and the look in his eyes turned cold.

"Red alert." he said, his voice frightfully calm. As bleak crimson glow washed over the bridge, he turned to Kell at the tactical station. "Ensign Tobin, arm quantum torpedoes and target the Vorusian portals on the planet surface. Full spread. Fire when ready."

Kell hesitated and looked to the XO. Like everyone else on the Bunker Hill, he would follow Captain Lee to the depth of purgatory itself if asked to, but this was not the man he knew and admired.

“Begging your pardon Skipper, but firing upon that portal will rupture their ability to stabilize their trans-dimensional nature; it would condemn their race to death.” Adlerstein stated.

"We cannot allow them the opportunity to possess anyone else, Commander." Oliver answered coldly as he sat back down into his chair.

“Sir, the ENTIRE race will die if we did that.” Hans said gently, trying to bring Lee down.

"Then let them die!" cried Oliver as he slammed his fist into the control panel on the armrest.

Hans blinked in surprise at the acid tone in Lee’s voice. He had rarely seen Oliver filled with such hate, and it was not a sight he wished to stick around.

“Skipper, you and I both know that’s not a lawful directive.. I know you are grieving right now, but I respectfully request you rescind your previous order, sir.” The XO said.

Stabbing his fingers at the view screen, the Themyscira's commanding officer howled from the bottom of his lung. "She's gone, Hans! And it's all because of them!" He then turned back to the tactical station. "Ensign, I gave you an order. Fire quantum torpedoes!!"

Hans bellowed to the Tactical Officer, his own tone of authority clashing with that of his Skipper’s. “Ensign! That is an unlawful order! You are not bound by your oath or the law to obey it! You will disregard that order!”

The terrifying wrath in the man's eyes unnerved Kell. "I . . . I'm sorry, sir, I can't."

"Then you are relieved, Ensign." said Oliver as he made his way to the tactical station. He would fire those damned torpedoes himself if he had to.

Michaela signaled Hans to restrain the captain as she plucked a hypospray from her medical utility belt.

Adlerstein stepped between the CO and the station he was determined to reach, his Mecca of destruction. He placed his left arm out, which Oliver ran into, the fingers gripping his shoulder. The CO turned his gaze of fire upon his XO, and even Adlerstein had to recoil slightly upon gazing into those eyes. The coldness of those eyes, their rage, their hate, as black and as fiery as the very lowest bowels of hell. Silently, as if the sound emerged from space itself, the XO spoke to his superior.

“Captain, please don’t make me say what we both know I must if you continue. This is not what...what she would want.”

Grabbing Hans by his uniform, Oliver yanked his XO closer. Menace pierced through the little distance between them as he enunciated every syllable. "Don't you dare . . ."

Michaela did not wait for the situation to escalate any further and gently pressed the hypospray against the base of Oliver's neck from behind him. The tranquilizer took effect almost immediately.

As his grasp on Han's uniform loosened, Oliver stumbled backward and fail into Michaela's waiting arms.

"Ensign Tobin." The doctor called out to the tactical officer and signaled him to help her move the unconscious captain to his ready room.

Adlerstein straightened his uniform jacket before looking out upon the bridge crew. The faces staring back at him were a mixture of shock and surprise, a cocktail of worry and seeking.

“This . . .” He began, pacing around the bridge to look every member in the eye, “. . . did not happen. The CO suffered a tremendous personal loss, and has taken to his quarters to grieve. He has NOT been relieved by either myself or the CMO. No record of this incident will be noted in the log, no official statements are to be made concerning it. If anyone has an issue with that, speak now.”

No one did.

“Does everyone understand my orders?” The XO inquired.

Without a moment of hesitation, the entire bridge crew nodded in unison.

[To be continued in Part 4 . . .]

Captain Oliver A. Lee
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USS Themyscira NCC-85430
Commander Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Themyscira NCC-85430
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Commander Johannes Adlerstein
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USS Themyscira NCC-85430
Ensign Kell Tobin
Tactical Officer
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