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Oppertunity, Profit & Loss Part 1

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2018 @ 11:10am by Rolek

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Orion Sector
Timeline: (FLASH BACK) Aproximately 9 months ago


The entire shuttle rocked once again with another volley of disruptor fire. "Computer, Maximum Warp!" Rolek screeched, his tiny hands working as fast as they could - not on the controls but on the loading of 500 bars of Gold pressed Latinum into every hidden compartment, nook and cranny of his Na'far class shuttle. He knew it would cost him his life if the syndicate caught him with so much as one strip on his person, and as the 125th Rule of Acquisition states: 'You cant make a deal if your dead'

WARP DRIVE ALREADY AT MAXIMUM POWER The computer spoke just as another shook the little violently. This caused a single Bar of Latinum to slip from the top of pile and start a free fall directly towards the Ferengi's hand resting on the deck. CRUNCH!

Immediately the orange skinned goblin let out an ear piercing screech and started hopping around the deck, flapping his hand in pain.


The external hull of the shuttle was pitted and scorched like a toasted Satsuma. She was still maintaining her maximum warp speed, but only barely.

Another lance of green disruptor energy impacted the port nacelle & this time it did some damage. Drive plasma began to pour out of the nacelle and rather suddenly she turned from a sleek private shuttle craft to a flying coffin traveling at warp speed, but not for long.

A flash of light as the shuttle impacted the light barrier in its deceleration, returning to normal space.


'WARNING DILITHIUM MATRIX MISALIGNMENT - WARP DRIVE OFFLINE'an audible warning from the computer just barely cut through the sounds of all the other alarms in the cockpit, even for a Ferengi it was difficult to differentiate.

Rolek looked up to see the Orion cruiser which had been pursuing him drop out of warp and engage a bright emerald tractor beam on the tiny shuttle.

The Ferengi dropped to his knee's and cupped his hands below his chin, praying that his journey to the Divine Treasury would be swift and painless.

WARNING. INCOMING STARSHIP The computer barked again just briefly before a beam of bright gold energy struck the Orion's tractor emitter, thereby disabling it.
Roleks shuttle shuddered as the tractor beam dispersed, he opened his eyes to see the majestic hull of a federation Sovereign class starship fly past the viewport and engage the Orion cruiser.

The skirmish was brief, with the Orion's routing after a few shots, just moments before jumping to warp the Orion's fired a final high yield Photon Torpedo at the Ferengi shuttle.
Impact was swift and although the blast did not immediately destroy the shuttle, the damage was done.


Rolek said his last prayers before accepting his fate, he felt a warm tingling feeling for just a second and then a noticeable temperature decrease. 'That wasn't so bad' he thought to himself, he had imagined death by vaporisation to be more painful.

The little orange troll slowly opened his eyes, hoping the grandeur of the Divine Treasury was how he imagined it. However, instead of walls and floors inlayed with precious stones all he saw was a dull grey bulkhead and a pair of black boots; polished to a mirror shine.

Stood before him was a rather unfriendly looking Vulcan male, sporting a complete Starfleet uniform with gold collar. Rolek looked around his environment now realising that this was not the Divine Treasury at all, he was in the Transporter room of a Federation vessel - Sovereign class if he was not mistaken.

However still dazed from his stressful ordeal the Ferengi involuntarily addressed the Vulcan "Blessed Exchequer?" he enquired.

"No" the Vulcan Proclaimed raising an eye brow, "I am Lieutenant Commander Salek, Chief of Security......You are on-board the USS Challenger"

"And my Latinum?" Rolek forcefully enquired, without so much as a thought of gratitude.

"Your ships cargo was beamed into a storage bay for safe keeping." Salek replied

"Well... Not that Im not grateful, but you Hew-mons cut it pretty close.. Now if you'll excuse me, I must speak with your captain!" Rolek stood to his feet and dusted off his suit, before stepping off the Transporter Pad and trying to slip past the Vulcan.

Before the Ferengi could pass him, Salek placed a hand on his shoulder and prevented him from continuing further "The only place you will be going... is to a holding cell" Salek informed.

"A Holdi... On what charge!" Rolek demanded, now a very angry little orange man.

"It would take quite some time to read the full list of charges to you Mr Rolek, it would be Logical for you to make yourself comfortable.....Ensigns, please escort our guest to the Brig" Salek stated nodding to his two deputy's stood at the door.

Rolek was escorted away looking a mixture of confused and in a state of panic. The only thing on his four lobed mind however was, "How does that green blooded Vulcan know my name?"

To Be Continued.....


Ferengi Privateer


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