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The Medical

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 9:21pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Sickbay, Bunker Hill


2nd Lieutenant Carus Markos frowned for a moment as he walked into the sickbay, taking a deep breath. It was the smell he wasn't keen on. The rest, however, was fine. He wasn't exactly scared of being prodded or examined. Hell, he was used to that just from all the physical activities he did. He looked around, his blue eyes taking it in before he smiled, approaching a doctor. "Excuse me...I'm Lieutenant Markos. I got a medical scheduled?"

The doctor in question was a young Trill who just eyed him a moment contemplatively before nodding. A wry smile tweaked at her lips.

“The new Marine Lieutenant. Yes, the doctor herself sees the senior officers. She’ll be in her office.” She waved towards the door with ‘Chief Medical Officer’ on it.

Inside, Michaela was in the process of writing up a new set of physical therapy exercises for the Captain. He hadn’t replied to the last one, but she sent them anyway in the hopes he took her advice in secret.

She ruffled at her hair, a blond curl falling onto her cheek. She brushed at it impatiently, and sat back. Writing these out without any idea if they were heeded was getting tiresome. She found herself looking at the door expectantly.

Markos let the door open and knocked on the doorframe, giving the woman a warm smile. "Doctor? I'm Lieutenant for my medical," he introduced himself, giving a small nod in greeting. He was still getting used to adjusting between the 'attention and salute' and the more relaxed approached.

She'd almost forgotten that she had an appointment. Almost. In truth, Michaela never forgot anything. She'd just been waiting for him to come rescue her from the monotony - but might have forgotten why she was waiting.

Now that he'd appeared, she sat up a bit and smiled. "Come on in." She said, waving at the seat across the desk from her. "My names Michaela Taylor. But you can call me Michaela or Doctor, if you insist. Welcome aboard."

Markos moved to the chair and sat down, his hands clapsed between his knees before he seemed to remember himself and unfolded them, placing them on the armrests instead. "Thank you, Doctor," he said, a slightly nervous smile on his lips. Oddly, not because she was a doctor, but more because she was an officer. And this was his first medical as a fully fledged officer rather than cadet or recruit. "The Bunker Hill seems like a good ship. I mean, her size is quite good..."

Michaela waved a hand, "Its my first ship, so I guess my experience with the aspects of a ship is limited." Still, there were two pips on her collar, under the white coat. "But it certainly seems an excellent ship, yes." She smiled.

He nodded weakly, watching her face at that. "So this is your first shipbased posting? Were you at Starfleet medical before then, Doctor, or did you do civilian training?" he asked with interest, searching her features. She was pretty, even if she was older. Not that age stopped beauty, his mother would always insist that beauty was only skin deep and that a lot of what made a person special was from within.

"Yes, I was on Stardock for five years. Before that, medical school." Michaela said. She watched the Marine Lieutenant curiously - how people acted and reacted was just as much a part of their health as anything an instrument told her. "I admit I read your file when you made the appointment. So I know its your first official posting as an officer in your own right. You needn't worry about me. I don't bite." She laughed, "All I ask is that you keep the men under you as safe as you can. I don't like to treat avoidable injuries."

"I'm only a platoon officer," he said, quickly, smiling to her. "I let the real decisions being taken by the Marine CO and XO. too green to be able to lead people. Or command that level of respect."

"You're still an officer." Michaela said seriously. "And my point stands regardless - because you won't be a platoon officer forever." Scolding complete, the doctor smiled again, "My apologies - its come to my attention that I'm very protective of my crew."

He watched her, frowning slightly. Yes, protective and judgmental. "Whatever you say, Ma'am," he said, finding it the safest answer to this. Because it wasn't like he had been trained for four years to be a Marine officer. Even if he was inexperienced...he liked to think he wasn't cruel or stupid.

Michaela raised her eyebrows - she was also a mother, and could detect a whiff of sass a mile away. She didn't comment other than to say, "You don't have to ma'am me. I wouldn't mention it if it hadn't come up already. I'm sure your fellow Marines will tell you all about it in lurid detail soon enough." She waved it away again with an impatient shake of her head. She was what she was. Everybody's mother.

"I'm sure I will be briefed," he said easily. Scuttlebutt to be promised then. He never put much stock in rumours. After action reports were better for when you were new. Once you knew who to believe and who would embellish the truth a bit, then you could seek some extra advice. "So. Medical then, Doctor Taylor?"

"Yes, sorry," Michaela inhaled as she stood, shaking her mind out of the brief flash of annoyance she still felt about the whole situation. She may have forgiven the XO personally, but she still wasn't sure where she stood on the Captain approving such a ridiculous gambit in the first place, nor the Marine's CO for going along with it.

Just as quickly, smooth efficient doctor Michaela took over. She sidled out from behind her desk with her bioscanner already chirping, "I assume you've been feeling alright?" People usually were, as they started a new job.

"Yes," he said as he remained seated, lowering his eyes a little. "Seem like I am still fit too. The shuttle ride didn't wear me out too much."

Michaela chuckled at that, "Good," She said, one eye on the scanner and one on him. "Its a routine question - a bit silly really."

"Hey, you never know what can happen in the space of a few hours," he said and he genuinely did mean it. "A dodgy curry, a quick acting virus..."

"Mmm," Answered Michaela abstractedly as she jotted down a note or two about the Marine's readings for hwr own edification. "Or folks with persistant conditions, I suppose."

"Well, you seem to be jn good health - any general concerns you'd like me to be aware of?"

"Nope," he admitted with a warm smile, shaking his head. "I have good genes. And a strong constitution."

"That's good. Do let me know if anything comes up." Michaela smiled.

"I promise," he said and stood, watching her almost eagerly. "So I am cleared for duty?" It was the first official stamp, the first...thing to prove what he was. That he was ready for this.

Michaela smiled slightly at that, and nodded, "Yes, Lieutenant. You are," She resisted the urge to tell him to be careful again. He was what - five years older than her son? But she kept that to herself.

"Thank you, Doctor," he said, meaning it before offering his hand to her. In for a penny and all that of the old Earth expression. "I look forward to work with you. And serve with you."


Lieutenant JG Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Bunker Hill


2nd Lieutenant Carus Markos
USS Bunker Hill


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