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Future Past - Part 14 "Treason, They Cried"

Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 12:13pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant Commander Johannes Adlerstein
Edited on on Wed Feb 21st, 2018 @ 3:10am

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Earth
Timeline: 2420, In A Future That Was

OOC Note: So here's the latest installment of the Future Past flashback series. I saved this part until now because it provides some back ground information for an upcoming post, which hopefully will be ready by tomorrow.

This post is adapted from Episode 3's JP "Treason - Parts 1 & 2." It takes place a few months after the suppression of Bolanus's coup.


::Dolarian Residence, Oakland, Earth::

Terri impatiently tapped her fingers on the table. Her dad was supposed to be here ten minutes ago, and it was unusual for him to be late without giving a headsup. It's not that she blamed him: as the new Chief of Fleet Operations, he was a busy person, even more so than before, but still. Even when he's back on Earth, she didn't get to see him all that often. "Arrgh." She groaned.

"Patience is a virtue they say, Lieutenant." T'Pen said to the young lady.

Terri groaned again, and she was about to ask T'Pen how she did it, being patient that is, when a mouth-watering aroma gripped her attention.

"And the moment you've all been waiting for," Nigel announced, carrying in a family-size bowl of pasta, "The food has arrived!" Theo was close behind him as she entered from the kitchen with salad in one hand and bruschetta in the other. They set the dishes out on the table just as Meg and Marion came out carrying heaping plates of food as well. There was something from practically every culture in the galaxy, and then some. The Dolarian family didn't skimp on meals.

Theo took a seat next to Terri and said, "I know we're still waiting on your father, so I brought out some appetizers to munch on while we wait." The rest of the family also took their seats around the table, leaving a spot next to Terri for her dad.

Terri didn't wait for everyone to take their seat. She grabbed a whole piece of pickled Tellarian fish with her right hand and two bacon-wrapped jumbo scallops with her left, her eyes fixed squarely on that plate of fresh Regova eggs in front of her. She had already planned out the entire sampling sequence for all the appetizers; they were no match for Terri Cornelia Lee the Terminator of All That Was Delicious.

Theo chuckled, "Well, at this rate, we may even eat this whole spread!" She grinned at Terri, glad that her evening's work was all worthwhile. Whenever Terri was around, Theo could be certain that her cooking was appreciated. She glanced over to T'Pen and noticed her empty plate. She wagged her finger at her and said, "You need to eat up, too. We can't eat this all by ourselves and I won't have a guest of mine leave hungry."

Terri was too preoccupied with all the deliciousness that was traversing through her digestive tract and into her famished stomach to pay any close attention to the conversations around her, but the mentioning of the words "explosion" and "bombs" from the video feed the twins were watching on their holographic display caught her attention - she liked explosions even if they were never as satisfying as the sensation of her bare fist landing on some loser's face. "Tuun thot up, would yu?" She mumbled her request through her half-stuffed mouth.

Marion nodded and did as Terri asked and the voices from the report slowly became clearer.

". . . unclear as to exactly what happened." Reported a Trillian anchor before a live feed of what appeared to be a smoldering Palace de Concorde. "There has been no official confirmation from the Police Nationale, but according to sources from the Mayor's office, a powerful explosive device was detonated on the upper floors of the East Wing approximately 20 minutes ago. There is no word from the Palace as to the whereabouts of President N'Verix, but Vice President Flanigan is said to be on his way back to Paris from New Amsterdam. We . . ."

Before she could continue, her human co-anchor interrupted. "Apologies, Lenara, but this just came in: Starfleet has declared a state of emergency on Earth, and the entire solar system is on lock down. It's still unclear whether it was President N'Verix or the Vice President who gave the order, but reports have been coming in from different sources that all Starfleet vessels in the system are now on yellow alert and all ground units have been mobilized. There has not been . . ."

Terri dropped the spring roll in her hand and leapt from her seat, her eyes wide open with horror. "Dad was at the Palace! He was meeting with the President."

"Come Terri, let us go there immediately to ensure your father is alright." T'Pen stated.

Terri didn't need more prompting. Springing up from her chair, she dashed away from the table, her mouth still half-stuffed with those delicious Andorian meat balls.

::Later That Day, Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, Paris::

"What's the situation?" Asked Oliver as he laid on the angled bed.

"The state of emergency is still in effect." Replied Captain Nami Ishikawa, his former chief of staff and the newly promoted commanding officer of the Themyscira. "Vice President . . . President Flanigan remains in Camp Lansin, but he has not responded to your request for a Security Council meeting."

Oliver frowned. He had not seen or heard from Flanigan, who had succeeded to the presidency after President N'Verix's death in the bombing of the Place de Concorde this morning. They had a heated argument in yesterday's cabinet meeting over what to do with the separatist Union of Planets. He had argued for continued cooperation with the sessessionists in pushing back the Dominion threat, but Flanigan was adamant that the secessionists be forced back into the Federation by any means necessary. The then vice president stormed out of the meeting when President N'Verix rejected his proposal. But this was not the time for personal enmity; Flanigan, now the President of the Federation, should know better.

Shaking his head, Oliver said to Nami, "Keep contacting the President. Meanwhile, tell Admiral Nunk that the Seventh Fleet should . . ."

"We have been waiting the whole morning! And I'm gonna rip your head off if you don't let us in!" An irritated Terri shouted from outside of the doors and interrupted him in mid sentence.

With a sigh, he asked, "Nami, would you please?"

Nami nodded before turning and walking toward the doors. Once outside she saw a seething Terri ready to jump on Lieutenant Ens if T'Pen and Theo had not firmly held her back.

"It's alright, Lieutenant." She nodded at the Trillian officer who had been guarding the admiral's room. Then she turned to the trio of women. "Commander Dolarian, Lieutenant Lee, Mrs. Adlerstein, this way." She said, showing them the way in.

Terri dashed into the room as soon as T'Pen and Theo let go of her. Mere seconds later she was beside Oliver's bed and hugged him tightly. "Dad!"

Oliver grimaced as the girl pressed on the wound on his chest. "Ouch. Not so tight, Lieutenant."

"Sorry!" Terri immediately let go of him and somewhat skittishly. He still called her "Lieutenant."

Turning to Theo and T'Pen, Oliver said with an apologetic smile. "Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch."

"Your apology is illogical given the circumstances." T'Pen said flatly, the closest a Vulcan would come to a joke.

Oliver chuckled. Turning to Theo, he said with a mock disappointment on his face, "But I was really looking forward to those pickled Tellarian fish and spring rolls."

"Lucky for you, I believe Terri may have left a few of those untouched," Theo replied, then looked at Terri, then back at Oliver. "Maybe." She laughed, knowing she would make more for him and bring them to him as soon as she got home tonight.

The gray-haired admiral let out a small laughter. It had been so long since the last time he sat down with Terri for a meal, but he could still picture the way she devoured every dish before her. Somethings never change.

Theo's smile softened and she asked, "So how are you feeling?"

"Just a mild concussion, and some cuts and bruises, nothing the doctors couldn't fix. Not everyone was so lucky. . ." He sighed, and his voice trailed off as he looked out of the windows briefly.

There was a momentary silence in the spacious room, but it was quickly broken by the sound of boots marching inside with locked steps. As everyone turned, they found a group of four Marines led by a Ferengi lieutenant colonel.

"Admiral Oliver Lee, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Goss of the Presidential Guard." The officer introduced himself. After a hesitant pause, he continued. "I'm sorry, sir, but I have been ordered to place you under arrest and to take you to Camp Lansin immediately."

Nami immediately reached for her side arm, but was stopped by Oliver.

"To hell you are!" Terri shouted, but was held back by T'Pel.

Theo grabbed Terri's other arm, and asked defensively, "Whose orders?"

Goss turned to the woman and said, "The President's, ma'am."

"And the charges?" Oliver asked calmly.

There's another hesitation in the Marine's voice. He still couldn't quite comprehend what he was about to say. "Acts of terrorism, collusion with enemy agents, and . . . high treason against the United Federation of Planets."

"It's a load of BS!" Terri could barely contain herself. "My dad just saved the Federation from Bolanus and his cronies!"

Theo grappled with Terri as she wrestled to break free. Nigel grabbed on as well. Theo angrily asked, "What basis do you have for these charges? Where is your evidence?" She looked Goss straight in the eyes and dared her to try and answer her. She knew Oliver was innocent, there was no doubt.

"Something about the bombing this morning, ma'm." Said the Marine. That's all he could tell her because that's he knew. "Please stand aside, ma'm."

Theo merely nodded and did as she was asked, dragging a still fighting Terri with her. She hoped Terri would understand that there was nothing more they could do without being killed or thrown in jail themselves.

Oliver let out a sigh and slowly climbed off his bed with Nami's help. He had some vague ideas as to what this was all about; he just didn't want to believe it. "That's enough, Lieutenant." He said sternly to Terri. Then turning to Goss, he said simply. "Do what you must, Colonel."

As the Marines cuffed Oliver and escorted him out of the room, Nami turned to Terri, "Pack your stuff, Terri, you are coming back to the Themyscira with me." Then he looked to the others in the room. "You all are."

They were family, and she must keep the family together. And safe.


Commander Theo Dolarian
Researcher, Starfleet R&D
Admiral Oliver A. Lee
Chief of Starfleet Operations
Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
Researcher, Starfleet R&D
(NPC - Oliver)
Lieutenant Commander Nigel Dervishian
Starfleet Command
(NPC - Theo)
(NPC - Hans)


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