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Future Past - Part 15 "Dispatch from 2420"

Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 12:30pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Timeline: 2420, In A Future That Was

OOC Note: So here's the last part of the the Future Past flashback JP. It officially concludes the Background section in Episode 4's suggested reading order. I'll update the reading order when I get a chance later.

PARIS, EARTH (Romulan Central News Press)

Merely hours after the terrorist bombing at the Place de Concorde that killed President N'Verix and most of her cabinet, the Federation was thrown into further confusion and uncertainty when Admiral Oliver A. Lee, Chief of Starfleet Operations, was arrested for his alleged role in the bombing. Multiple sources have confirmed that the order came directly from President Flanigan, who had succeeded to the presidency after N'Verix' death.

One year ago when General Bolanus overthrew President Jiv'ek's government, Admiral Lee was the first sector commander to publicly declare his opposition to the coup. It is also widely believed that he was the one responsible for extracting Ms. N'Verix, the then Secretary of Transportation, from her confinement on Benzar and convincing her to succeed to the presidency. After the suppression of the coup, President N'Verix appointed Adm. Lee as the new Chief of Starfleet Operations "in recognition of his contribution in restoring the constitutional government" while Lieutenant General Johannes Adlerstein was posthumously promoted to full General. There have, however, been persistent rumors of friction between Lee and some members of N'Verix' cabinet, particularly then-Vice President Flanigan.

Adm. Lee is a highly divisive figure. While many praise him for upholding the rule of law and the Federation Constitution both in his administration of the Kalandra Sector Command and later in his opposition to Gen. Bolanus, others, such as popular talk show host Etah O'Hara and industrialist Ava Xka, have accused him of enabling and protecting a corrupt political establishment that is beyond redemption. As such Lee's arrest threatens to further destabilize the already fractured Federation.

Multiple sources have reported rising restlessness and discontent among Starfleet units - even entire fleets - that served under Lee during his long tenure in command of the Kalandra Sector. When reached for comment, Captain Sonel Hussein, spokesperson for Kalandra Sector Command, referred all questions to the Betazoid Chancellery instead of Starfleet Command or the Department of Defense as usually the practice. Some analysts interpret this as a subtle repudiation of the authorities of President Flanigan and his appointees. Chancellor Elbrun has not issued any statement, but a news conference has been scheduled for later today.

During a routine inquiry session at the Senate this morning Proconsul T'Dan expressed his "grave concern" over Lee's arrest. In response to Senator Hiren's question, the Proconsul described the admiral as "a personal friend and a trusted ally of the Romulan Republic," a comment widely seen as a warning to President Flanigan. Later, however, a spokesperson for T'Dan reiterated "the Proconsul's highest respect for the Federation military justice system."

Proconsul T'Dan was scheduled to attend next week's commemoration service for the Alliance Day, which celebrates the ending of the First Dominion War. The Klingons have refused to attend even before the Second War began, and both the Republic and the Cardassian Union declined to participate following the Artelian Massacre, during which thousands of Dominion POWs were slaughtered by Federation forces retreating from Talos IV. Proconsul T'Dan was expected to discuss a possible new alliance with President N'Verix. After the Paris bombing the Proconsul insisted that he would still attend the commemoration service, but now with Adm. Lee's arrest it is unclear if that remains the case. Lee was reportedly instrumental in arranging T'Dan's attendance and his meeting with N'Verix. With its rapidly worsening military situation, the Federation reportedly saw a renewed alliance with the Republic as its last chance to avert a complete defeat.

Ayel Lang reported from San Francisco, Earth. RCNP writer Tal'aura in Capital District, New Romulus also contributed to this report.


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