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Cross Road (?)

Posted on Thu Mar 15th, 2018 @ 1:06pm by Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Commander Johannes Adlerstein & Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D. & Captain Jackson Werner & Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun & Lieutenant Zim Arlin

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia
Timeline: MD 3 (March 5, 2393)

::Captain's Ready Room, Deck 18::

Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun walked through the opening doors and into the ready room. As the doors closed behind her, she took a deep breath and took in the surroundings. She had been in the ready room many times before this, of course, but it's the first time she was in here as its rightful occupant, at least temporarily. Hopefully.

Walking over to the crescent shaped desk, Nola paused by the chair. It looked larger from up closer. Perhaps a little too large for her.

Shaking that thought off her mind, she activated the holographic display and opened a secure channel to Starfleet Command. A few moments passed before the Federation seal on the screen was replaced with the image of a Benzite flag officer. Her quirked eyebrow made it clear that she had not expected to see the Arcadia's second officer in a priority one communique.

"Where is Captain Lee?" asked Vice Admiral Hoya.

Nola took a deep breath. "I'm afraid Captain Ishikawa and her crew have escaped custody, Admiral. They also took Captain Lee and Captain Ymir as hostages."


"They briefly took over the ship's system with Lieutenant Capulet's help."

"Capulet? Your chief science officer?"

Nola nodded.

The quirked eyebrow on the Benzite's brow turned into a frown.

"Commander Slvar?"

"He was critically injured during the escape. He's still in surgery as we speak."

"Your ship?"

"While she was still in control of our system, Ishikawa overloaded several strategically located EPS conduits throughout the ship. Both our warp and impulse engines are inoperative, but we expect to complete the repair within two hours."

A pause.

"What are your orders, Admiral?"

::Later, Briefing Room, Deck 18::

Nola paced back and then forth inside the short private passage that connected the ready room with the briefing room. She had her orders from Admiral Hoya. The only question now was how the rest of the senior staff would take it. How would they take her?

Charles stood off to the side, staying quiet, as Nola paced. While he was sure that there was currently no threat aimed at the current commanding officer of the Arcadia, he had been ordered to keep close to her by his immediate superior officer, Captain Werner, and the young sniper was not going to fail in those orders.

Nola paused and took a deep breath before turning and heading toward the single door that led to the briefing room, followed closely by her security detail. As the door slid open, she stepped in and headed straight for the chair at the head of the table, her fingers fidgeting over the PADD in her hands.

She took her seat and tried to adjust herself to a more comfortable position, but failed.

Once the pair entered the conference room, Charles moved off to the side, behind Nola's left shoulder, and stood at ease, ready to move at an instant's crisis.

Taking another deep breath, she finally looked up at the senior officers who had assembled around the table. Several were missing, still fighting for their lives in the sickbay.

She cleared her throat.

"I have just talked to Admiral Hoya. Once we finish repair, we will proceed to Starbase 235 and await further orders there."

"Excuse me, Ma'am," Werner spoke up. "What about the Captain? Command isn't just abandoning him, are they?"

"Damn right they're not," Kevan interjected, leaning across the table. "Even if they are, we sure as hell aren't." Not with Korra also taken, he added silently. "We get a beat on them, I'll lead a boarding party and shoot Ishikawa and that damned traitor Capulet myself."

Nola bit her lower lip as Kevan spoke. He was clearly upset at the situation and rather personally at that, not that she blamed him. He and Korra seemed to be a great couple, judging from last night's dinner with the captain. But the situation was beyond her control now.

"Admiral Hoya has already dispatched the USS Kyushu to intercept Ishikawa." she said. Noticing a few raised eyebrows in the room, she added, "Any confrontation with the Themyscira will be dangerous, and the Admiral did not want to put the civilians at risk."

The Arcadia did indeed have a much larger civilian complement than those on most other ships, but she knew it was just a pretext. Hoya didn't trust her. And the Benzite was right.

"The Kyushu?" asked Lieutenant Arlin, the ship's acting chief engineer, "Weren't they supposed to bring Lieutenant Alkan to the Arcadia?"

Nola nodded. "Yes, but I'm afraid her arrival will be delayed."

"Captain, forgive me," Jackson spoke up again. "While I'm sure the crew of the Kyushu is highly trained, certainly Command should realize that we, his crew, would be much more motivated to rescue him and stop Ishikawa?"

Nola looked down at her PADD for a moment. There was a time when she wanted nothing more than being called captain and having her own command. But things had changed. She had changed. Right now she would be happy if she could get the Arcadia back to Starbase 235 without any more complications. But the Captain. . . no, she had to trust that the Kyushu would bring him back safe and sound. She had to because there's no way she could do it, not even with Starfleet's most advanced starship at her disposal. She would only screw up just like she did on the Martok.

She looked back up at Jackson. "We have our orders, Captain. As soon as the repair is finished, we will proceed to Starbase 235 as ordered." Without giving the Marine or anyone else a chance to protest - she wouldn't know how to answer it - she said, "Dismissed."

At that Nola stood up from her chair and headed to the exit, followed closely behind by Charles.

As doors shut behind the Arcadia's acting captain, Arlin turned to Kevan, who was now the ship's acting first officer.

"We are not really leaving Captain's Lee and Ymir behind, are we, Lieutenant?"

Kevan looked around. They were all looking at him for leadership now. The tension in his mind was fierce; on one hand he knew that he had a duty and obligation to Starfleet. "We've been given an order from Starfleet..." he started. On the other hand, Korra wouldn't have left him behind. "However I believe I speak for everyone here when I hell with our orders."

Jackson said nothing. While, personally, he agreed completely with the young lieutenant, professionally, he was a highly trained Marine Special Operator. He would bend the rules, if he felt it was the only way. However, to disobey the lawful orders of a flag officer, especially when there were so many noncombatants aboard? He wasn't sure he could do that. However, there might be another idea. He starred working on his personal PADD, to see if what he had in mind was even possible.

Kevan looked at the marine. He'd reacted fast when the initial escape had taken place, and seemed capable enough. "Captain Jackson, with me. The rest of you, to your stations. I'll speak to Commander Elbrun myself."


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