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Settleing in

Posted on Wed May 16th, 2018 @ 11:39pm by Lieutenant K'vagh

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Deck 27 - Officers quarters
Timeline: MD 3 (March 5, 2393)


K'vagh stepped out of the turbolift along with one of the junior security officers. His arm was now good as new having received the expert care of the ships nurse.

They were heading for the officers quarters, K'vagh was likely to be staying on-board for some time he had been granted lodgings on deck 27 for the duration of his stay. The purpose of his chaperone was to guide him along the maze of corridors to his destination.

A short time later the two officers turned the corner onto Deck 27 section 9 and approached door Epsilon 374. These were not senior officers quarters but they were not junor bunks either. The Klingon had a room to himself, though it lacked any sort of window and his room was one of 4 in the section.

"Computer, open door Epsilon 374 and transfer residence to Lieutenant K'vagh as Chief Tactical Officer" the junior officer said. The computer chirped to signal the command had been received and executed, a moment later the doors slid open in front of them and the room behind them was illuminated automatically, K'vagh stepped inside followed by the junior officer.

"Bedroom is just to your left along with the washroom. You'll find a fresh uniform in the dresser. You've also been issued with a personal data terminal which should be on the desk over there." The junior officer pointed towards a small table on the port side of the room.

"When you are ready, turn right out of the door, turbolift is at the end of the hall on your left." he added

K'vagh looked around the room briefly. It was are bones, A small coffee table, a couch, a desk, bed and wash room. That was about it. "Thank You Ensign!, This will do fine!" K'vagh replied as he began to remove his torn and ruined uniform.

Simply walking into the washroom activated the lights including a mirror light. K'vagh filled the sink with water and began to clean off the grime from his face. He then took out a pair of scissors from the drawer and a razor and began to tidy himself up.

K'vagh had walked into the room looking like he had been through hell, but a short time later out stepped a well groomed professional looking Klingon. His hair was now significantly shorter than the long flowing locks he had been wearing before, it was now neat and tied back in a short pony tail. Then there was the beard, now properly trimmed into a sharp goatee.

K'vagh made his was out into the corridor but not before collecting his Mek'leth which was always kept on his person, always concealed in a scabbard which is worn inverted under his jacket.

This way the sword can be carried comfortably in-line with the spine, and drawn easily whilst swinging at an enemy.

He stepped into the turbo lift at the end of the hall, "Deck 34, Tac-Ops" K'vagh ordered.

Since the destruction of the Kyushu K'vagh had given much thought to his comrades and what he could have done differently. He saw their bodies every time he closed his eyes. The doctor told him its only natural to have these thoughts and they would pass in time.

He just hoped that he could find a weakness in their enemy in time to save others .


Lieutenant K'vagh
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Arcadia


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