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Posted on Mon Jul 30th, 2018 @ 12:52am by Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun & Lieutenant Commander Nealas Yvex M.D. & Lieutenant Alkan Malaya PhD & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant K'vagh & Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D. & Captain Jackson Werner

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: USS Arcadia
Timeline: MD 3 (March 5, 2393)


Nola frowned as the replay of the encrypted message was complete and then replaced by a spinning Federation seal on the holographic display.

"Verify message authenticity." said the Arcadia's acting captain.

Jesse tilted her head to the side. "I already have, Captain."

"Verify again."

"Aye, aye, Captain." the AI nodded. "Accessing. Message integrity, confirmed. Captain Lee's command code, confirmed. Lieutenant Capulet's security code, confirmed. Message authenticity, confirmed."

Nola shook her head. Did they not trust her? A sigh. With a press of her commbadge she opened a channel to the sickbay.

"Elbrun to Dr. T'Lor."

=/\= T'Lor here. =/\=

"Doctor, how's Commander Slvar?"

=/\= He has stabilized, Captain. =/\=

"Can I talk to him?"

=/\= Yes, but I will limit the conversation to no more than a few minutes. The Commander is still fairly weak. =/\=

"Acknowledged. I'm on my way."

[Later, Briefing Room]

For the first time since she took command of the Arcadia Nola arrived at the briefing room before the rest of the senior staff. With her security detail waiting at a respectful distance away she tapped the desk with her fingers as she waited for the others.

Jackson was the first to arrive. As he entered the conference room, he was busy reading the information in one PADD, while imputing orders into another. Looking up as he reached his seat, he nodded to Nola. "Captain."

Nola returned the gesture in kind. "Captain."

Malaya was trying out a new visor. For her part in the mission. Maybe not the smartest time to try it, but they were pressed for time.

Thunk! Her head hit the side of the door rather loud, which caused the Bajoran to bodily shake as if she were a wet dog. Once she shifted a bit to the right, she walked into the room and an apologetic frown.

From her back pocket, her left hand pulled out a data recorder while she removed the black-metallic visor.

"Test twenty-six was a mixed success and failure. I need to work on stabilizing the holographic feeds with a new router and transmitter, once I return to the lab," she said, turned the recorder off, and sat in the seat.

Malaya nodded to each in turn before she pulled a multi-tool from her tool belt and start tweaking other aspects of her visor as she awaited the rest of the staff.

It wasn't long before the entire senior staff arrived. With everyone in their seat, Nola cleared her throat and began the meeting with an introduction of the latest member of the senior staff. Gesturing at the Trill Lieutenant in teal on the other side of the conference table, she said, "After consultation with Dr. T'Lor and Commander Adlerstein, Dr. Yvex has been temporarily reassigned to the Arcadia as our acting chief medical officer. This is so that she can have the necessary security clearance to work on a cure for the genophage virus."

With that out of the way, Nola pressed a control in front of her and a message was projected on several holographic displays above the center of tthe oval conference table for a 360 degree view.

"About half an hour ago we received this encrypted message from the Themyscira. It's embedded with Captain Lee's command code and Lieutenant Capulet's security code. Jesse has confirmed the integrity of the message and the authenticity of the codes."

There was a moment of silence as everyone processed the information on the displays. Then Lieutenant Terev, the acting chief operations officer, spoke up. "So it was all just a sting operation? And you were not aware of it, Commander?"

Nola's brows tightened at the last question. "No." she answered before realizing that she might have sounded a little too bitter. Taking a deep breath, she added. "Captain Lee and Commander Slvar only meant for Lieutenant Capulet to obtain as much information from Ishikawa as possible, information that pertains to her partner who would provide her with the necessary equipment for the deployment of the virus on a planet wide scale. Ishikawa's abduction of Captain Lee and Captain Ymir as well as her overloading the ship's EPS relays and the resulting casualties were not part of the plan."

"Bring me a plan that ever survived past five minutes . . . " Kevan grunted, rolling his eyes at the notion that the plan would have succeeded anyway.

Jackson nodded quietly to Kevan's comment. It was a well-known idea that even the best-laid plans, never survived the first engagement with the enemy.

"The bombing of Hiroshima," Malaya answered, not realizing that was a rhetorical question. "United States Forces were highly secretive about that operation, during World War II... I am, of course, neglecting weather conditions, as bad weather was generally anticipated with air strikes and thus normally delayed launches."

Terev was visibly confused. "Hiro . . . what?" asked the Tellarite

"Japanese city," Malaya answered abruptly and left it at that.

Terev had more questions for the Bajoran engineer, but before he could ask, he was cut off by Nola, who clearly didn't want the briefing to veer into irrelevant history lessons.

"The message includes the coordinates at which Ishikawa will rendezvous with her partner. " said the Arcadia's acting commanding officer. "The Captain's order is clear. We will keep our distance and mask our ship signature in the nearby class 2 nebula. Once Ishikawa's partner transfers the equipment to the Themyscira, we will catch them by surprise."

"Once we engage and disable her, I'll lead one party to capture the Bridge," Kevan explained, picking up where Nola left off. "Jackson and his Marines will secure the hostages and the engineering section in case we meet with significant resistance from the bridge. We'll need a team on standby to intercept the bioweapon and neutralize it. In the absence of our Science Officer, perhaps Lieutenant Yvex and her team can offer operational support on that front?" He glanced down the table towards the Trill doctor.

Nealas looked up from the PADD that was offered to her at the start of the meeting. It was getting more and more clear to her what exactly was going on and why the Kyushu never stood a chance in the earlier engagement. She heard someone mention her name and broke her gaze off of the text in front of her. She saw the people around her looking over in her direction.

"I'm sorry. This is quite a bit to get through and to wrap my head around. What was the question?"

"We still have a dying Founder in the sickbay who needs a cure," said Nola, " and it will require Dr. Yvex's full attention. Dr. T'Lor will assemble a team to provide any medical support where needed."

Jackson had already begun his plans to be the leader of the team that would be used to regain possession of their kidnapped shipmates.

Malaya chose that moment to interject. "I . . . I am not going on the away team. I will, however, be sending a special iso rod with one of the tactical teams. It is imperative you put the rod in a secured computer hub so that I can begin sending false alarms throughout their ship."

Malaya went back to tinkering with her visor, as if that ended that conversation.

Nola frowned at Malaya's sudden interjection. The engineer was supposed to wait for her to bring up the Themyscira AI first. "Before Lieutenant Alkan got off the Kyushu she managed to download a copy of the Themyscira artificial intelligence while the AI uploaded itself to the Kyushu's computer to assist with the evacuation, and the Lieutenant has some interesting ideas for the AI. Lieutenant Alkan?"

Malaya indicated the visor she was working on. "I will be on Arcadia's bridge, where I can remotely control the AI and see what it sees through this holographic projector.

Add to that, Themyscria's AI was initially rewritten by its own crew, to ignore Federation ethics and obey the command staff only . . . That was until I got hold of the program."

The chief engineer smiled, more at some internal thought of hers, and continued with, "After several hours of installing a quantum trojan and repairing the corroded code, Themie now works for us. Unless Themie's crew find the input outlet the iso is plugged into, their command staff cannot shut the AI down indefinably. Only a cold start of the computer core would purge it, which they will not want to do, given our strike teams' presence.

The aim is for me to remotely send false alarms far away from where we will not be - thus limiting the amount of resistance. However, ruses are only good for one or two attempts. So our strike teams will need to act fast."

Nola turned to her first officer and the Marine CO. "Lieutenant Dash and Captain Werner, work with Lieutenant Alkan and have an operational plan ready by 1900 hours." Glancing around the table, she added, "if there's nothing else, dismissed."

As everyone stood up from their seats and began to leave, Nola called out to K'vagh and Nealas. "Lieutenant K'vagh and Dr. Yvex, meet me in the ready room in five minutes."


Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun
Acting Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Roger)
Lieutenaant Alkan Malaya
Chief Engineer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Acting Executive Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Captain Jackson Werner
Marine Attachment CO
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant K'vagh
Acting Chief Tactical Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D.
Chief Counselor
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant Nealas Yvex
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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