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Reassignment (?)

Posted on Fri Aug 17th, 2018 @ 3:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun & Lieutenant Commander Nealas Yvex M.D. & Lieutenant T'Lor

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 3 (March 5, 2393)

[Previously in Trill Retrieval Service]

. . . . . .

T'Lor raised a curious eyebrow at Nealas's offer. She did not need her help treating the Kyushu survivors, but treating the Kyushu survivors was not the only thing on her plate. In fact, it was not even the most urgent.

"How much experience do you have with immuno-virology, Dr. Yvex?"

"Well. That's a bit complicated." Nealas smirked a bit, scratching behind her ear.

"Yvex is very experienced in that field, Dirin was top of the class before he passed away." She pointed at the row of spots trailing from the side of her face downward, as if the doctor hadn't noticed she was talking to a Trill.

"I've focused much more on trauma so I might be a bit rusty. It should be easy enough, though, to freshen up those memories, it hasn't been long." It would be good to take her mind off things, for sure.

T'Lor pondered the situation for a brief moment, and then she checked the manifest of the Kyushu survivors on her PADD.

"Dr. Yvex, there might indeed be something that you can help me with, but I must speak with Commander Elbrun first. At the meantime, you have been assigned to temporary quarters G-41 on deck 23. Please take the opportunity to refresh yourself. I'll contact you shortly."

"Thank you." Nealas gave a small, polite, bow before stepping away from the Vulcan medical officer. She would definitely check out her quarters, she could really use some refreshing.

. . . . . .

::Later, Ready Room::

Nola leaned back into her chair and asked, "You sure about this, Doctor?"

"Affirmative." T'Lor nodded. "In any event, our options are severely limited, Captain. Immuno-virology is not one of my specializations, and given the nature of our patient, neither Dr. Singh nor Dr. Vanshee, as civilians, are eligible for the requisite security clearance. One of Dr. Yvex's former hosts, however, was one of the most respected specialists in the field, and you may grant her the necessary clearance since she is a Starfleet officer.."

Nola leaned back into the chair. "All files related to the Themyacira, including all medical files, are restricted to members of the senior staff, Doctor, and you do know what that means."

"I am a physician, Captain," said T'Lor, "The patient is always my first priority. The position I hold aboard the ship is secondary."

Turning to the Kyushu's captain sitting in the chair before her desk, Nola asked, "Commander?"

Hans nodded. "If Lieutenant Yvex is needed here on the Arcadia, then this is where she should be."

"Very well then." said Nola as she looked back up at T'Lor, "Doctor."

The Vulcan nodded and pressed her comm badge. "T'Lor to Dr. Yvex, please report to the captain's ready room."

=A= I'll be right up. =A= The voice of Nealas confirmed having received the request.

About five minutes after that the chime to the ready room rang out. The lithe Trill stepped into the room and smiled meekly looking at the commander, her former XO and the doctor.

"What can I help you with today?"

Nola leaned forward from her chair and rested her arms on the desk. "Welcome aboard, Doctor. I'm Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun, the Arcadia's acting CO. First of all, Doctor, I'm sorry for what happened to the Kyushu and your crewmates."

Nealas solemnly nodded. They had lost a lot of good men and women. It was not going to get any easier swallowing that lump in her throat.

Nola took a sip of her water before continuing, "Doctor Yvex, your assistance is required in a highly classified matter, and since all related files require omega clearance, Commander Adlerstein has agreed to loan us your expertise. Doctor, you are hereby reassigned to the Arcadia and will assume the position of its acting chief medical officer until said matter is resolved."

"Ehm. Alright. I guess." Nealas frowned at the events suddenly unfolding before her. She pointed at T'Lor.
"Though I'm sure that the doctor you have aboard already is perfectly suited for whatever it is."

"Immuno-virology is outside of my specialties, Doctor Yvex." said T'Lor, "You are the only one aboard with both the expertise and the credential to receive the security clearance."

Hans leaned forward from his chair. "Lieutenant, this is not the time to be modest. You have sworn an oath to help those in need, and there's a patient in the medical lab whose life is on the balance as we speak."

"Wha... I. Who is dying?" Nealas had never needed higher clearance to treat a patient before, and she had worked with POWs in the dominion war. Another Yvex she corrected herself in her mind. The stress was making it difficult to keep track of the different lives.

Nola exchanged a look with Hans before picking up the PADD in front of her.

"Everything on this PADD and everything I'm telling you now must remain strictly confidential. Is that understood?"

"Understood, loud and clear." Nealas was getting more curious by the second and reached for the PADD. This was sure to be very interesting.

Nola handed her the PADD and said, "The ship that attacked the Kyushu earlier was the USS Themyscira under the command of Captain Nami Ishikawa. Captain Ishikawa and her crew are from the year 2422. They traveled back in time to three days ago when we rescued them from a pursuing Klingon warship.

"According to Captain Ishikawa, in her timeline the Federation fell to the Dominion after a long war. She said that they had come back to the present to warn us about a Dominion bio weapon, but we later discovered that her plan was to exterminate the entire Founder race with a genophage virus. She and her crew were put under arrest, but earlier this morning they escaped custody. During their escape they sabotaged our engines and took Captain Lee and Captain Ymir hostage. That's when Command dispatched the Kyushu to intercept the Themyscira before Ishikawa could reach the Founders' homeworld and release the virus."

Pausing, Nola turned to T'Lor. "Doctor."

The Vulcan nodded. "During our search of the Themyscira we discovered the science lab where the ship's CMO had been testing the genophage on live subjects. All but one of the Founders had died before we discovered the lab. The only survivor, who as far as we can tell, is a juvenile and is currently being cared for in medical lab 1. We managed to slow down the virus' progress, but we have so far failed to eradicate it. If a cure is not found in the next twenty-six hours, Doctor, we will lose the Founder."

"A founder? Seriously? And you're expecting me to. I'm the closest thing we have to an expert on viral agents affecting a founder?" Nealas' eyes widened. She had went from super curious to overwhelmed in under six seconds.

"It's alright. It's fine. I can do this." She was trying to suppress some ancient urges inside of her as a new wave of stress started to settle in.

"You do realise that Dirin was the viral specialist, not me, right. Do I need to explain how that works exactly in joined Trill?" She looked at T'Lor, then Nola, and finally Hans trying to find a way out, knowing that there wasn't going to be one.

Nola frowned at the response. With a genocidal maniac to stop and two hostages to rescue, she had been under tremendous pressure - that's not to mention the fact the she was clearly not Admiral Hoya's first, second, or even third, choice for the job - so she would rather the doctor just say yes and get to work.

Hans could sense frustration building in the Betazoid. Turning to Nealas, he said, "You have access to the collective knowledge of all your previous hosts including Dirin, Lieutenant. You can do it." Gesturing at the other two officers, he added, "We all believe in you."

"May I remind you, Doctor Yvex," said T'Lor in the dispassionate tone so characteristic of her people, "we have less than twenty-six hours." It was not meant as an admonishment. It was a simple fact.

"You don't have to tell me twice. Where's that lab?" Nealas did not feel at all comforted, not confident in her abilities. It had been a while since she had engrossed herself in proper viral research.

"No time like the present." She fidgeted a bit with her hands, wishing she had something to hold on to, but instead picking at her nails.

"Follow me, Doctor." said T'Lor as she moved toward the exit.

Nealas gave a polite nod to both the CO of the Arcadia and her own Executive Officer before turning to follow T'Lor. Off the deep end, as it were.

As they both disappeared behind the closing doors, Nola fell back into her chair. Turning to Hans, she asked, "You think she can do it?"

The German nodded, "I know she can."


Commander Nola Elbrun
Acting Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Roger)
Commander Johannes Adlerstein
Executive Officer
USS Kyushu
Lieutenant Nealas Galin Yvex, M.D.
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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