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Adieu - Part 1

Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 11:26pm by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun & Lieutenant Commander Johannes Adlerstein & Lieutenant Commander Nealas Yvex M.D. & Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D. & Captain Jackson Werner

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Timeline: MD 03 (March 5, 2393)

[Previously in Trinket]

. . . . . .

“I’m gonna kill you when we get back to the Arcadia.” A pause “If we get back to the Arcadia.”

“Of course, we will.” said Oliver as he laid on the bench across from Korra. “When has any of my plans ever failed?” A pause. “Not counting Amelix V. I literally had only two minutes and fifteen seconds to put a plan together, and that’s after inhaling the spores. So, everything considered, I’d still call it a half success.”

Korra couldn’t have rolled her eyes any harder. “Ugh, you and your hubris.”

“Not hubris. Confidence.” Oliver retorted with a small smirk.

“Then why are we still in the brig of that genocidal maniac, Mr. Confidence?”

Springing up from the bench and back on his feet, Oliver picked up his own uniform jacket and put it back on, but left it unzipped.

“The Arcadia can’t make a move until Ishikawa meets up with her partner, or we will never find out who he or she is.”

. . . . . .

Turning back to Nami, he said, “Thank you.” A pause. “You said you found her in the Talen System . . .”

“You shouldn’t go look for her.” said Nami, “You mother is not the person you have always remembered her to be.”

The knot on Oliver’s brows tightened. “What are you talking about?”

Nami didn’t answer him. Looking to Marine next to him, she said, “Instead of dwelling in the past, you should hold onto those who are still with you.”

Silence lingered among them for a few moments before it was broken by Commander Hekoa’s voice through the intercom.

=/\= He’s here, Captain. =/\=

Nami tapped her combadge. “I’m on my way.”

With that she turned and headed to the exit. As the doors hissed opened, she turned around and looked at Korra, then Oliver.

“Stay away from Kelsa III, Oliver.” said the Trill before disappearing behind the closing doors.


::USS Arcadia, Inside Nebula NG-407P::

As she sat in the captain's chair in the middle of Arcadia's spacious bridge, Nola couldn't help but feel that everyone's eyes were on her. She could feel the anxiety and doubt lingering in the air.

Captain Lee's plan was bold. Perhaps a little too bold. But perhaps that's exactly what it took to be a commanding officer, to be bold, to take risks. Would she fail him like she did her crewmates on the Martok? No, she wouldn't. She couldn't. But then why was her heart beating so fast? So anxiously?

"Commander," the Klingon officer at the tactical station reported. "A small vessel has just exited warp and is now approaching the Themyscira. That must be Ishikawa's partner."

Nola nearly sprang up from her chair, but managed to restrain herself and remain seated. Turning to the Bajoran officer at the engineering station to her left, she said, "Let's hope your AI works, Lieutenant."

"All tests have shown far more promise than failures." Malaya hopped that sounded right. No plan was fool-proof, yet her code team and herself were sure they accounted for everything.

With a press of her combadge Nola opened a channel to the transporter room.

"Team Alpha, prepare for boarding."

It had been some time since Yorlisna had been in an active combat situation. She had requested a transfer to a more scientific assignment after the Dominion was over. The latest assignment was the Arcadia. Her time on the vessel hadn't been as quiet as she had hoped and in the past few days it had gotten even worse with the ship teetering on the brink after an encounter with the future vessel. Here they were, waiting to assault them on their home turf, with their advanced tech and superior experience.

"Remember the mission." The Denobulan marine held her rifle in one hand and the isolinear rod in the other as she looked around the team before clearly putting it in her right pocket. She needed them to know where to get the rod if she were to fall during the initial assault.

"Alpha team, ready, willing, and able, Ma'am."

"Wait for my signal." said Nola "Red alert. Helm, bring us out of the nebula. Full impulse. Lieutenant K'vagh, target the Themyscira's shields and engine. Fire all weapons as soon as we are clear."

Almost in unison, both K'vagh and Seya acknowledged their orders. "Aye, aye, captain."

This is it, Nola told herself as the Arcadia darted toward the edge of the nebula.

Fully prepared, the Themyscira's shields were nearly impervious to weapons fires from any single ship Starfleet could throw at her, but if they were lucky, the initial volley of quantum torpedoes and phaser blasts would catch the Themyscira unaware and collapse her shields for a few seconds before they were restored. Those precious few seconds were the only chance for Alpha Team to beam aboard and upload Malaya's program to her central processing core, which would then allow the Bajoran to seize control of the entire ship from Arcadia's bridge.

At least that's the plan.

::Ready Room, USS Themyscira::

"So this will be the end of the Founders." Nami mused as she examined the smooth, silvery metallic sphere in her hand.

"Yes." said the man in black, his voice distorted slightly by the holographic mask he wore, "All you need is to get your ship to Galen II, and the Founders will be no more."

Nami nodded pensively and returned the sphere to its carrying case on her desk. Closing the lid securely, she said, "I don't know why you keep that mask on even when we are alone. I have seen your face. I know who you are."

"Why does it matter?" the man retorted. "I helped you finish Project Medusa, and now I brought you the dispersion mechanism. Does it really matter if I do it with or without my mask on?"

Nami did not respond immediately. Instead, she reached out with her right hand. As her fingers touched the left side of the holographic mask, the forcefield that held the photons was momentarily disrupted, revealing the terrible scars beneath. Her lips parted slightly but quickly closed again before any word slipped through them.

After a deep sigh, she retracted her hand and said, "Well, then maybe you can do me another favor. Our cloak is still non-operational. We can fix it given time, but even then there's still a chance we will trigger the Dominion sensor network when we enter the Galen system. But if you lend us your ship's transphasic shroud . . ."

The man shook his head. "As I told you before, temporal manipulation is a tricky business, and in every simulation I ran where I lent you the shroud, you failed. In fact . . ." He paused abruptly in the middle of his sentence as his ship's AI alerted him through his earpiece. "Well, looks like we have company. Or rather you do."

Before Nami could ask him what he was talking about, white transporter beams engulfed the masked man and whisked him away. Almost simultaneously, the ship shook under a barrage of heavy fire, knocking her off her balance. Struggling back to her feet, Nami dashed out of the ready room and onto the bridge.

"Report." she demanded as she strapped herself into her seat.

"It's the Arcadia. They were hiding inside that nebula." reported Commander Hekoa, her XO. "They knocked out our shields and warp engine with that first volley and beamed over a boarding party before the shields were restored."

"Where are they?"

"Deck 5, near the primary computer core."

"Initiate countermeasures, and tell Anderson, lethal force is authorized."

"Aye, aye, Captain."

"Helm, offensive pattern Lee-23-beta. And get that warp engine back online!"

::USS Arcadia::

As soon as K'vagh reported that the Themyscira's shields were offline, Nami smashed her combadge.

"Alpha Team, now!"

The team stood at the ready, waiting for the order, assembled in such a way that all the corners would be covered. Being close quarter specialists the six of them should be more than capable of this undertaking, even with the little preparation as they had prior to the engagement.

Yorlisna felt the blue haze as bright as her eyes envelop her as the transporter activated around them. She never liked the sensation. That moment between being in one place and the next was over in a nano-second, it always seemed to last a lifetime.

::USS Themyscira::

The computer core itself had additional protections preventing a direct transport into the room. It was only one corridor they had to cross.

"Let's move it people, the Arc is taking a beating out there." Yorlisna barked the order before initiating the steady march towards the computer core. They had to be swift but also careful. It was already clear that these future Fleeters had very little regard for the rules of engagement.

When they came to a junction a phaser blast immediately crossed their sight lines and dug itself into the bulkhead behind them. The smell of ozone whiffing past.

"Incoming fire!" Yorlisna immediately took up a defensive position and motioned for her squad to do the same. Her hands a quick flurry of symbols she indicated that she would lay down suppressive fire. They needed to get some people over to the other side. She squatted down and duckwalked her way over to the corner. Waited a moment in between shots and dropped on her chest to let loose a volley of phaser shots.

Three of the team had stood ready and immediately shot across to the other side. The Andorian, Athas, was the last to cross. A shot from the enemy streaked across the hallway and was able to land in his lower leg. A muffled scream as he leapt to the ground in cover across the way.

Yorlisna was determined not to lose any of her people to these miscreants. She pushed herself up and back into cover as the three on the opposite side took up firing positions. The enemy wasn't advancing, they seemed perfectly content with pinning them down here. That didn't sit well with the squad leader. She looked at Athas, across from her, then over her shoulder back to where they had beamed in. They needed to get out of there, the team firing on them was only stalling for time. She pointed at the other two still on her side of the corridor and ordered them to move across.

Another volley of suppressive fire from her and the people on the other side made for a safe corridor, if only for a moment. Return fire immediately came in the second they stopped providing the cover fire.

It wouldn't take long for the other teams they had surely coming for them to take up their positions and strike. That's what she would do and Yorlisna was sure these future people had similar if not better training and experience. She motioned the group for another volley of cover fire as she got ready to sprint across herself. The orange beams sped across the corridor and found purchase on the bulkheads at the far end, allowing her to sprint to the other side. There were two or three attempts shooting back at her, but they all shot wide.

"Move." Yorlisna hissed between her teeth as she reached down to support Athas to get up and on the move again. Just a short walk down to the doors of the computer core.

There was only a short moment of respite before the group behind them had repositioned. Then the rest of the plan to pin them down came into view. All the way down the corridor, where the Arcadia strike team had beamed in, a group of four enemies came into view and started firing straight down into them.

By the third shot Yorlisna felt the Andorian that was leaning heavily on her go limp. She bit back a curse as she let go and turned to fire back, a lucky shot grazed one of the enemy's shoulder. It was weird having to fire one someone in the same uniform.

Ducking behind small inlets along the corridor the team took up defensive positions again. They were preventing them from getting to the computer core and in the meanwhile Yorlisna was sure the Arcadia was taking a beating.

[To be continued in Part 2 . . .]

Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun
Acting Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Roger/Oliver)
Captain Nami Ishikawa
Commanding Officer
USS Themyscira
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Commanding Officer
Marine Detachment (8th MEU, 2nd Battalion/3rd Regiment, Echo Company)
USS Arcadia


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