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The Butter Bar

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 9:26pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Bunker Hill


Enright wished for the days of war and combat, because then at least he could pass off missing equipment as lost in battle. As it was he probably going to have to have an entire section of men sweep the cargo bays in search of one errant tricorder. Paper work, was a pain.

2nd Lieutenant Markos took a brief moment to focus himself as he found the CO's office. In truth, he was nervous. He had just graduated. This was his first assignment. Seeing his mother had been...nice. Truth was, she had hardly reassured him. She never did, because she was too realistic. He smiled weakly, running a hand through his blond hair before ringing the chime.

“Enter,” Enright called barely looking up from the equipment spread sheet.

Markos stepped inside the office, looking at the man behind the desk. "Sir, 2nd Lieutenant C. Markos reporting for duty, Sir."

"Ah Lieutenant," Enright said with a nod sit down. "Fresh out of OCS, correct?"

Markos met his eyes, nodding before sitting down. "Yes Sir, just graduated, Sir," he said, watching the older man. Enright was a rarity within Starfleet. When he had told Amynta where he'd be serving, she had taken a moment and then laughed. She had called him 'Been there, Done that Enright'. Not for any less than honest reasons, but because Enight had almost touched every aspect of Starfleet in what he had done. He had been a Marine. He had done Security. Operations. He had even done Science. Truth was, Enright stood for a fluidity in Starfleet that only the best and most adaptable could do. Markos was pretty sure he couldn't do science or operations. He wouldn't have that sort of patience.

"You know they say fresh 2nd Lieutenants are the most terrifying warriors on the battlefield," Enright said with a straight face. "They can kill more marines with a map, then any Cardassian with a disrupter."

Markos met the man's eyes and nodded, weakly. "Yes Sir," he said, the quick answer for anything. He had heard this talk before. So really, whatever was going on here on the Bunker Hill, it hadn't exactly endeared Marines to the crew. "I will be careful, Sir."

"I'm sure you will Lieutenant," Enright said calmly. "But do remember that the primary job of a Lieutenant is to live long enough to be promoted to Captain. Until then listen to your NCOs they've been doing this a while, and I imagine there pretty good at it."

"Yes Sir. I've not had the pleasure yet of meeting my sergeant, but I look forward to it," Markos admitted openly. He wanted to get as much practical experience as humanly possible.

"So tell me Lieutenant, is there anything you want to ask me?" Enright said as he regarded the marine closely. "This is after all your first posting, I know how challenging that can be."

"I..." Markos hesitated, trying to consider how to say it. "Has something happened on the ship regarding Marines? I just seem to be getting a lot of...warning not to do anything stupid or kill people, Sir. Makes me wonder if something...has happened. With another Platoon officer." He knew it sounded silly. He had always expected a level of hostility from regular 'fleeters, but this was a bit...more than that. The doctor's warning, even the way his CO had spoken, it all gave him some warning bells. It was that or he genuinely inspired people to want to tell him not to do anything as he was likely to get an entire ship killed.

“Nothing in particular, it’s just part of being a Second Lieutenant,” Enright replied automatically. “Let me put it this way, an Ensign fresh out of the Academy is put in a veritable rubber room, where any mistakes they make can be immediately noticed and corrected by a more experienced officer. If they’re given a command of any sort, it’s almost always a small group, five or less, and they’re never very far from the rest of their chain of command.”

“In contrast,” Enright continued. “A marine Second Lieutenant is immediately placed in charge of 36 combat soldiers, and is almost always away from direct supervision, at least when it counts. I would never have an Ensign lead an away team in a hostile environment, but I wouldn't blink twice before sending a Second Lieutenant.”

“For someone with absolutely no experience, you’re being given a tremendous amount of responsibility,” Enright said. “Not all, Lieutenants measure up, and it’s unfortunately true that a certain stigma exists about all Lieutenants as a result.”

He watched Enright for a long moment before tilting his head, considering the words. "I have never had it told to me like that before, Sir," he confessed, a weak smile coming to him. "Of course the suspicion makes sense. The concern. I...cannot make promises. I do not know the future. All I know is my training and I pray that and my own character is enough."

"We all do," Enright said with a smirk. "Will that be all Lieutenant?"

"yes Sir. Thank you, Sir," he said and stood, watching him as he waited to be officially dismissed.

"Dismissed LT," Enright said turning back to his work.


Lieutenant Commander Thomas Enright,
USS Bunker Hill


2nd Lieutenant Carus Markos
Marine Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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