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Landscape? Or Portrait

Posted on Thu Jun 27th, 2019 @ 5:46pm by Lieutenant Kynah of Clan Hoeressthyn
Edited on on Thu Jun 27th, 2019 @ 6:37pm

Mission: Episode 4.5 - Shore Leave
Location: Kynah's Home
Timeline: Shore Leave, Day 1, 1030 Hours

Divorce was never easy for children to cope with. For young Lauryn, it was a confusing time, Kynah knew, and thus the young teen was filled with such anger and aggression. Pulling her out of school for yet another blow - moving away - seemed the right idea. More so doing an activity that allowed the release of aggression in a healthy manner.

Practice bastards clashed loudly in the massive, open backyard of Kynah's small home. The two females of the family were dressed in thick, brown winter parkas and pants that covered their practice armor as well as snow goggles to protect them from the cold.

"Watch ya footin'," came Kynah's words of caution as she pushed an attack toward a series of stumps that her young, teenaged daughter could not see.

The styles of fighting were distinct. Kynah parried where Lauryn - her daughter, wanted to block, only finding air in its place. Lauryn favored a slow but precise style where strong blows devastated and killed enemies in an instant.

Footwork was key to mastering her style, too. As well as mastering the various sequences that helped to build up to her strongest attacks. To look behind her would leave her open as well, so Lauryn had to trust herself.

Kynah was fast, grounded, could dodge attacks adeptly and was just as precise with her parries and thrusts. She never seemed to miss her footing and controlled the duels from start to finish. With her snow goggles fogged-up, however, Lauryn found it incredibly difficult to see and thus had to rely on sound.

"Ya missed," Kynah chastised when Lauryn stroke air on what might have been a devastating blow. "Watch my footin'. Anticipate where I'm goin' an' adjust."

Lauryn was growing tired of the spar. Her arms hurt and every time she was driven backward, she wanted to panic. Her mother was a weapon master of her people. Understood all sorts of weapons, fighting styles, and had the ability to adapt on the fly.

How can I beat her? The young teen was full of doubt and her mother did not relent not once this bout. Nor was her mother trying to win, which Lauryn found odd. With each lunge her mother gave, Lauryn responded by using small hops backward while still intercepting the strikes on her blade.

Where Kynah went, Lauryn counter-moved. There were several times where Kynah tried to open herself up for Lauryn to attack, but the younger woman did not, fearing a trap.

Finally, in a moment of pure frustration, Lauryn kicked out with her right foot, only to find Kynah intercept it, brush it away, and now with gravity against her, the lep-swing brought Lauryn's back hard to the ground. She landed only a few inches away from a jagged stump which ended the match.

"Your wind-ups give ya away. If ya prefer ta rely on strength, then do-not-broadcast your best moves until the very last second," Kynah reminded her daughter, then panted a few moments and held her hand out to Lauryn, who took her mother's hand in kind. "If this is what ya want ta master, ya need to work on yer sequences. Trust in yourself, an' pay attention."

Both ladies pulled their hoods off, showing their white-blonde hair. Each, in turn, brushed the snow off one other as they headed back to the house.

"Your hard ta pin down," Lauryn finally complained. "I can' ever beat ya."

"Tha point is not to beat me. Tha point is ta beat yourself," Kynah admitted as she reached the weapons rack to the right of the sliding door into the house. She locked their wooden swords away in the rack before entering the kitchen of their home.

Lauryn began to hang her parka on the back of one of the oak chairs. Her mother was doing the same, as well as drinking water from a sports bottle left on the table.

"What's tha point then?" Lauryn asked in frustration as she looked back outside. "I dunno what's beatin' me."

You could see the intricate footprints they had just left in the snow. One might think the two ladies had just danced a ballet by how the patterns seemed to lay. Straight lines, then segments of footprints where they seemed to fight in a circular pattern. Then more long lines and circles. The eddies and flow of the movement in the snow reminded Lauryn of Taichi.

"Tell me what ya see," Kynah encouraged with a smile, admiring the landscape.

"I... Ya can tell where I honed-in on my defensive sequences. My prints are almost clean when I had ta cross left or right to meet ya thrusts," Lauryn spoke after she replayed the fight in her head.

"You're very good with defense," Kynah smiled as she peeled out of her snow boots and pants. "But ya lack confidence... If ya need proof of your skill, look at tha stumped area of tha yard."

Lauryn looked at the area where about fifteen trees were cut. She had somehow managed to avoid them without looking, while her goggles were fogged. After she too drank some water, she shook her head in disbelief.

"When focused, you're where ya need ta be as a duelist. Ya trust your sequences and ya pay attention to tha world around ya," Kynah admitted, moved away from the table, and went to the cooling unit for some fruit. "Ya don' need ta fight someone better than ya on a level you're not ready for... Ya just need ta trust your skills, an' be patient."

Lauryn nodded as she took her practice padding off before she had a seat on a stool that sat in front of the ivory-granite prep island in front of the cooling unit.

Kynah sat a bowl of green, strawberry-like fruit in front of Lauryn before she herself placed her practice padding on the kitchen table.

"Why'd we spar? Ya usually wait after school ta spar with me." Lauryn was ever astute on patterns.

Kynah frowned. She had hoped to give herself a bit more time to ease into the subject. For a brief stall to think upon her answer, Kynah went for a piece of fruit and ate on it slowly, then her eyes settled upon the family portrait on the wall in the sitting area of the house.

Kynah and Zym very proudly in Corzynite ceremonial garb, standing behind their then thirteen-year-old Lauryn. The holo functions still worked too. A happy trio that laughed and hugged one another. She missed him as much as Lauryn did.

"I..." How a mother's heart ached when possessed with knowledge that would only hurt their children. "It.. it's been hard for ya, for me, an' for your da... Not tha outcome any of us wanted."

"I know..." Lauryn herself seemed to have trouble finding words, but Kynah did not miss the tinge of anger in her daughter's voice.

"Until my da sees reason, I don' intend ta marry again. An' when I do, it'll be to yer father," Kynah promised with an assuring smile.

"I hate 'em," Lauryn spoke with vile. "I'll never pick High Chief Hoeressthyn's clan on my Day of Choosin'."

"It's a big decision, pickin' yer clan," Kynah agreed. She would not sway her child one way or another on which clan she should declare for. "But whatever ya choose, you'll not upset me or ya da."

"Why ya still look upset then?" Lauryn asked with skepticism.

There was no gentle way to put this. Not to a kid that moved around a lot due to Starfleet's needs.

"Because we're ta move again..." Kynah sighed. "Likely a science ship. Assignment pendin' but it'll happen soon... I'm sorry this is hittin' ya all at once."

"Right." Lauryn's nod of acceptance took Kynah aback. Before her eyes, she watched her child turn her feelings inwards.

"Lauryn -"

"I'll go pack..." the young teen announced, stood up, and went into her room.

Kynah deflated once her child no longer was in view. Complex, teenagers were, and hard to reach when they shut you out.

=^= Hammersly to Lieutenant Hoeressthyn. =^=

Kynah reached for her badge on the table. "I'm here."

=^= Captain Winters has issued a Condition Yellow status. A weather storm is moving into the mountain range. She needs you in the CIC R-F-N, conducting SAR deployments, should the storms become dangerous. =^=

"I'm on my way...." Kynah heard the link close and she gave a very long look at Lauryn's bedroom door.

Lauryn must have heard Kynah's footsteps, for when Kynah went to knock, Lauryn beat her with, "I heard... I'm fine. Don' worry 'bout me."

Kynah knew her daughter was not fine. Knew her daughter was in considerable emotional turmoil. Her heart broke at the notion of not knowing how to help Lauryn.

"I'm... I'm at tha Hammer if ya need me," Kynah spoke with a catch in her throat. She wanted to be strong for Lauryn.

When Lauryn did not respond, Kynah regrettably turned away from the teen's bedroom door and went about her business of getting dressed for duty.

Lieutenant Kynah Hoeressthyn
Soon-To-Be Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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