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Marines and Star Mariners

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 9:45pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Bunker Hill


“Enter,” Enright called as he heard the door to his office chime. He had been knee deep in background reading for this particular moment, and was eager to see how the officer matched up to his file. The ship’s Marines were always close to Enright’s heart, and so he took special care with their officers.

Joachim had been unconsciously fixing his uniform sleeves when he heard the order to come in. Straitening up he walked through the door, a deliberate military pace in his step as he cradled a PADD in his left hand. Coming to a stop in front of the Commander he popped a crisp salute.

"Sir, Lieutenant Joachim Delbrück reporting for duty," The Bavarian accent came out clear.

As had long been his habit, Enright rose from his chair and returned the salute. “Take a seat Lieutenant.”

Joachim dropped his salute and took his seat. His posture was proper but not as rigid as it was when he was a cadet. He focused his eyes on the officer in front of him.

“I thought we might have to ship out without you, there for a second,” Enright said as he settled back into his seat

"Personnel was late finalizing my orders," It was something that even in the 24th century seemed logistically impossible to solve.

“You’re an aggressive SOB,” Enright said with a harsh grunt as he threw down the datapad containing the marine’s file. “Aggressiveness in combat is like driving 5 miles over the speed limit, 99 times out of 100 you’re fine, but when your number comes up you better be prepared to pay the ticket.”

Enright’s bad leg gave small twinge of pain, as if to accent his point.

"I have always been a fan of Clausewitz theory on audacity sir but I see your point," Joachim replied respectfully.

Fundamentally he knew Enright was correct, his father had told him something similar and had the numbers to prove it. Joachim went on the offensive if he could manage it, probe an enemy for their weakness and exploit it. It was something he was trained to do and he usually did it well. He always shared the danger with his men, though he may lose his ability to join them in this command. The man in front of him held his reins, only he could tell him how far he was allowed to go.

"I stay within the limit of my orders and rules of engagement," The German added.

"Ah, yes," Enright said, a Cheshire cat grin spreading across his face. "Would your Battalion XO on New Nambia say the same about you if I asked?"

"My orders were to take the headquarters of the opposing force and I accomplished that task," Joachim remembered the exercise well, "And last I checked it was not against ROE to swim or to damage the ego of a superior officer lacking in situational awareness."

"But abandoning your heavy equipment wasn't exactly... something you would've or should've done in a real life situation," Enright said before holding up his hand to stop the argument before it went further. "All that being said however I approve, you saw a weakness and you exploited it, damn the torpedoes! For what little it's worth I had a similar reputation when I was marine."

Joachim nodded in agreement, "So I have heard sir. What do you expect of myself and the detachment on board?"

“It’s hard to say,” Enright replied truthfully. “The nature of politics as they are your role fluctuates daily. Combat Soldiers one day, Peacekeepers the next. That being said we’re deploying to Romulan Space, so it’s likely the majority of your missions will be in support of the rebuilding efforts, I would train for that scenario.”

Winning hearts and minds. Joachim nodded, "Counter-insurgency and defensive operations, I am well versed in those mission sets. I can draw up a series of general Operation Orders for your review by 0700 tomorrow."

“That would be acceptable,” Enright said with a nod. “Tell me have you had a chance to meet your men?”

"I have sir," Joachim wondered if it was a breach of protocol, "The First Sergeant is arriving soon from what I've been told but the rest know of my existence on board."

"Very well," Enright said leaning back in his chair . "It seems like you have things well in hand. I'll expect you to conduct a full inventory by the end of the week, and have all the other standard paperwork in by next Monday, understood?"

"Clearly sir," Joachim jotted down a few notes, "Is there anything else you need of me?"

"No Lieutenant your dismissed," Enright standing up to receive the marine's salute.

Joachim stood up and saluted, "Good afternoon sir."

Dropping the salute Joachim turned to the door and walked out of the room, hoping he could find his way back 'home' again.


Commander Thomas Enright
USS Bunker Hill


1Lt Joachim Delbruck
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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