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Broken Anatomy

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 10:45pm by Lieutenant Zenandarix "Zax" Ku'fanblriadg
Edited on on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 10:46pm

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Bunker Hill


The doors parted as Zax stepped across the threshold, wheezing and coughing. He'd just come from the hydroponics bay, where he had transplanted some vegetables he'd been growing for some time. The only issue had been the malfunctioning environmental system. All of the extra carbon dioxide was perfect for the plants, but horrible for someone who was missing a lung.

Michaela was reading over some reports of crewmembers. By some coincidence, the PADD she was currently holding was some information on the Helmsman himself. She'd just been thinking that she'd never had a chance to practice any medicine on an El-Aurian before ... and here he was.

She glided off of her seat and from behind her desk, briskly making her way to him without running. "Come sit down," She directed him towards a bio-bed, bioscanner already in her free hand, humming away. She kept half an eye on her patient though, never one of those doctors that got wrapped up in what the technology was telling her.

The El Aurian wheezed as he noticed a woman he didn't quite recognize start directing him to a biobed. Being suspicious was apart of his nature, especially when it came to Doctors with excellent bed-side manners. He was tempted to throw an insult at her just to test the waters, but the pain in his chest kept him quiet. Instead, he simply complied and scooted up onto the biobed.

Michaela smiled reassuringly - "Thank you." She raised her eyebrows a little bit at the readings, and drifted away for only a moment to produce a mask that would help him breathe for a moment or two until he regained the ability to talk. There was no use asking him what happened until he could tell her, after all.

She handed it to him, figuring a man missing a lung knew what it was and what to do with it. She was well aware that most people with chronic conditions preferred to take care of themselves insofar as they could.

Overall, she was a very quiet doctor thusfar, but she seemed brisk and practiced at the least, if not friendly.

The El Aurian took the mask; after a few breaths though, he began coughing up a yellow-tinged mucus. The coughing became bad enough, that his chest began to tighten and his head became light. With one last cough, he fell back on the biobed. The entire room was spinning, but at least he could finally breath.

Michaela couldn't do a whole lot about the coughing - though she did monitor carefully until he stopped. She was impressed he'd walked here under his own power. She remained quiet, watching readings and her patient until he had rested a moment or two.

She did load her hypo with a little something that would help his blood process oxygen - it wasn't a long term solution, but it would alleviate the worst symptoms for a little while, and asked, "Better?"

Wheezing from all of the mucus, the pilot looked back up at the doctor and nodded. "Much." His neck still tingled at the spot where she'd administered the hypo, but whatever it was she gave him, it was definitely working. After another moment, he pulled himself up into a leaning position and pulled off the mask to spit out the last bit of mucus sitting in his throat into a near-by tissue. His breaths were coming much easier now, so he set the mask down and held up his left arm to help open his lung.

Glancing back up at the doctor, he wheezed out a "Thanks."

"Just breathe a moment." Michaela said. She watched him a moment, then turned to get another couple doses of the drug from he stores - if this was something that happened sometimes, it was more efficient for Zax himself to have access to it.

She let him catch his breath as she packed them in a little case with a spare hypo. It didn't take a rocket scientist to load and use them anyway.

"What happened?" She inquired once he looked like he could talk again.

The El Aurian looked over at the doctor, now able to finally breath normally on his own again. He coughed a tad to clear his throat as he leaned forward. "I was in the hydroponics bay when the environmental systems malfunctioned and started spewing pollen back into the room." He coughed again as another tinge hit the back of his throat. Once he had it cleared, he continued. "I was standing right in front of one of the air-ducts when the back-wash started. I too-" He coughed again before finishing. "Eh-hem. Took a blast of pollen-dust to the face."

"That explains the color then," Michaela offered a smile, "That's good news, in that case. Though, I'm sorry to hear it." She refrained from scolding - after all, it was not really his fault. "Are you allergic to any pollens that you know of?"

Zax turned the question over in his head for moment before answering. "Not to anything in this quadrant," he said.

Michaela nodded a bit, "Well, I'm sure you know airborne particulates are particularly dangerous for you - I'll make sure I'm up on anything you might encounter." She said with a small smile. "Can't save you from hydroponics, though."

The pilot sighed and his shoulders slumped. "That's the entire reason I was down there; because I was warned about the malfunctioning environmental systems. I...have some rare plants that I've cultivating and was trying to save them." He could feel his cheeks warm with embarrassment.

Michaela smiled, "That's very noble of you," She said, "But given your health concerns, next time just send a cadet." She chuckled, but understood the desire to do everything oneself.

Zax chuckled at the doctor's quip, but the fact that she had a point didn't escape him. "Maybe I should...or maybe..." he straightened himself as he finally met her gaze. "Maybe, I've just become a sentimental old man." He felt a heaviness spread through his chest that had nothing to do with the pollen. It was a very familiar feeling to the elder man.

Michaela observed him curiously. "Well, the lung you were scheduled to get would surely help - I can try to push the paperwork through again from here...?"

The pilot thought it over, realizing that he had indeed been planning on the transplant before the incident which subdued the Einstein. "Yes, when you find the time, I'd really appreciate it. I owe it to my grandson..." He'd had a close call today; too close for his own liking. He thought about Alexei, and how much it meant for him to have a family that loved him.

"Its not a question of finding time, Lieutenant - its my job." Michaela smiled, "I'd be glad to help however I can. Paperwork or procedure. A pilot with two lungs is a much greater asset to us all, I think." She smiled, mostly gently teasing.

Zax allowed a wan grin to break through at the doctor. "I don't know about that, I've done pretty well for myself so far. Having to be careful has made me that much better of a pilot."

"Perhaps. However, it will protect you from the dangers of botany," Michaela suggested, still smiling slightly.

"How long will it take to finish the paperwork and get the lung built? I can put you in contact with the old CMO of the Einstein if it'll help...he has a tendency to ignore calls unless they're from people he knows." His grin grew as he thought about the old doc and his refreshingly crass bed-side manner; especially when it came to dealing with Alexei's attitude.

"That would be helpful - maybe he has the paperwork still and we can just push it along like nothing happened. Saves me the hassle and the wait for someone to look at it." Michaela chuckled.

Zax nodded in agreement. "It wouldn't surprise me if he did. He might have had a rough enough bed-side manner to make a Mark 1 EMH look like saint, but he was pretty damn professional and good at his job."

Michaela nodded and set a little reminder on her PADD. "Anything else I can help with?"

The pilot was about to dismiss her question when he realized that there was indeed something else he needed to speak with her about. "Actually, I've been meaning to set-up an appointment for my great-grandson, Alexei to come down. He's due for a booster of his anti-allergy medication and a check-up.

"Of course. That should be easy enough to schedule. Just let me know when and I'll schedule something."

"Would later this morning at say, 1100 hours work?"

Michaela nodded. "Sure, I should be around then."

The pilot nodded in agreement; "Then its settled," he said as he pushed off of the bed. "A little note of advice though, you may want to have a moderately powerful sedative on-hand when we come in."


Lieutenant (JG) Zax,
Chief Flight Control Officer,
USS Bunker Hill


Lieutenant Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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