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Infantry Phaser Weapons

The primary issued arms of the Marine Corps.
  • Type 1 Hand Phaser

    Energy based personal sidearm. Extremely simple and concealable weapon, designed as a last ditch defensive arm. Used primarily within 15 meters.
  • Type 2 Hand Phaser

    Energy based personal sidearm. Designed as a sidearm it is easy to carry and handy to use. Cannot be easily reloaded and is generally considered a back up weapon to a rifle rather than a primary weapon for combat use. Used primarily within 30 meters.
  • Mk1 Phaser Carbine

    Magazine fed energy based infantry carbine. The weapon is as simple and light as could be deemed effective, the complex sights of the Mk17 replaced by a simple, yet intuitive, red dot. Ideal for CQB and shipborne use and as such is standard issue for shipborne engagements. It is also issued to Marines in the field not expected to directly engage the enemy such as support gunners and vehicle crew. Used primarily within 150 meters.
  • Mk17 Phaser Rifle

    Magazine fed energy based infantry rifle. Standard issue weapon for the Marine Corps it was designed from the ground up to serve the combat arms including a higher-energy reserve. It can quickly switch between five preset modes and can be equipped with numerous sites and accessories. A feature unique to the Mk17 is the ability to use the helmet based HUD to aim the weapon allowing shots from behind cover, albeit with reduced accuracy and rate of fire. Used primarily withing 450 meters.
  • Squad Assault Weapon Phaser
    Magazine fed energy based support weapon. Designed to give the Marine Fire Team a weapon that can deliver rapid fire for an extended period of time to either suppress or neutralize a threat. Has an integral bipod and can be mounted on a heavy tripod for stationary use. Used primarily within 500 meters, 1,000 meters if used for suppression.

Infantry Ballistic Weapons

With some exceptions, ballistic weapons are rarely issued outside use against Borg or in environments where the electro-magnetic environment prevents use of phaser weapons.
  • TR-110

    15 shot, 10mm magazine fed ballistic pistol. Has the ability to be suppressed and as such makes it a favorite amongst scout sniper teams. Used primarily within 25 meters.
  • TR-116

    50 shot, 5.56mm magazine fed ballistic Assault rifle. Has the ability to switch between semi-auto/burst/full-auto and capable of taking numerous accessories including the Mk24 Grenade Launcher. Used primarily within 300 meters.
  • TR-116a

    10 shot, 7.62mm magazine fed ballistic marksman's rifle. Can use a variety of specialized ammunition and sights. Its long reach and relative stealth makes this a favorite amongst scout sniper teams. Used primarily within 2000 meters.
  • Mk24 Grenade Launcher

    Single Shot, 40mm breach loaded grenade launcher. This is a standard issue weapon issued to infantry fire team leaders as an attachment to their Mk17 rifle or TR-116. Designed to give the average squad an added degree of flexibility to deal with threats. Can be used as a stand alone weapon for better accuracy/lighter weight. Used primarily between 100-500 meters.

Heavy Weapons

These weapons provide much needed heavy support to infantry, giving capabilities against fortifications and vehicles.
  • Mk16 Disposable Missile Launcher

    Single shot disposable missile launcher. Designed to give infantry units a measure of defense against armor and enemy close air support. It is simple to used and made to be ditched once fired. Used primarily within 2,000 meters.
  • Mk17 Multi-Role Missile Launcher

    Single shot, crew served reusable missile launcher. Designed to give trained personnel an advanced capability to deal with armored and air threats. If used in advanced sensor mode the range of the weapon can be doubled; however, additional personnel/equipment are required. Used primarily within 4,500 meters, 9,700 meters if additional sensor data is available.
  • Isomagnetic Disintegrator

    Energy based anti-armor/fortification weapon. A energy hungry weapon it is capable of delivering a pulse of destructive energy affecting an area 10 meters in diameter. Used Primarily within 2,000 meters.
  • 40mm Light Mortar

    Sing shot, crew served indirect fire weapon. Typically served by a crew of three the weapon is designed to launch explosive rounds in a high arc making it possible to use behind cover and to take out targets who are using cover. Used primarily withing 3,000 meters.

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